Welcome Back and Happy New Year

9th Grade January Issue 2015

Building Your Study Skills

Why Should I study?

We should study because it can help us achieve our goals. The more we know, the more we can do or achieve!

Good Study Skills can help us succeed

  • In school-learning how to study can help us become better students
  • In the future--many skills that help us succeed in school can help us succeed in our jobs and careers.

Plan your study time each day

  1. What must be done?
  2. What is your deadline?
  3. How many days do you have available until the due date?
  4. How long will it take to complete the assignment?
  5. Plan when you will work on the assignment and if you will need additional help.
  6. Plan enough hours to finish the job.

Make Studying Your Job!

  • Keep regular study hours-pick a time that's best for you.
  • Be comfortable-but not too much. Have a straight chair and a good light with no glare.
  • Face away from windows and other distractions.
  • Leave cell phone in another room.
  • Clear off the top of your desk or worktable.
  • Get your needed materials-assignment, books, notes, pencils, pens, and paper.
  • Keep it quiet-radio, T.V. and noise can and will distract you

Important Dates to Remember -Registration Timeline

  • 2/3-Course Recommendation Day-Grades 9-11
  • 2/24 Current 11th Grade (Rising Seniors) Parent Registration Meeting and AP/Honors Night 6-7:30pm
  • 3/2 & 3/3 Individual (Appointment Only) registration for current 11th Grade students and parents
  • 3/4-Current 9th and 10th Grade (Rising Sophomore & Juniors) Parent Registration Meeting and AP/Honors Night 6-7 PM
  • 3/9 & 3/10 Counselors Conduct registration (US History Classes) for current 11th grade students
  • 3/16 & 3/17 Counselors Conduct registration (World History) for current 10th students (Rising Juniors)
  • 3/20, 3/24, 3/27 Counselors conduct registration (English classes) for current 9th grade students (Rising Sophomores)
  • 3/17 8th Grade (Rising Freshmen) Registration Appointments @ SHS 4-7 pm

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