Carson Staff Happenings

Week of 10/12/2015

Carson Calendar

10/9 - National Chocolate Day - Everyone deserves to eat these no calorie goodies!

10/10- Fundraiser Forms Due

10/12- Student Holiday/Columbus Day/District PLC 8-10am/Parent Conferences 10-4pm

10/13 Jeans day to celebrate completing parent confernces

10/13 Have your login into TELPAS certificates ready.

10/14 - Picture Retake

10/14 - Faculty Meeting- ELL Training (Bring Green ESL folder and computer)

10/15 - Fire Prevention Program in Cafeteria @9:00am

10/16 - Carson Fun Run during rotaions

10/16- No Fly Friday

10/16 - Decatur Homecoming

10/19 23- Fall Scholastic Book Fair - See schedule sent in email

10/21 - PLC's during conference times - math emphasis

10/22 - Curriculum Night

10/23 - Fly Friday - 2nd Grade Program


Attendance Incentives for the 2015-2016 School Year

We began our attendance incentives during Fly Friday. It was so fun to give away prizes to not only kids, but teachers. Here is a break down of how we will be tracking and rewarding attendance.

Every three weeks - the class that has the highest percentage of students present will get a reward

Every six weeks - the grade-level that has the highest percentage of students present will get a reward

Each six weeks - staff that have perfect attendance will be put into a drawing for a $20 gift card.

Coming Soon -

We are working on a display for the front hall that keep a running percentage for grade levels and highest class. Hopefully this visual will help motivate your class.


10/13 - Celebrate having parent conference day complete :)

Eagle Pride Award

This six week's Teacher Eagle Pride Award goes to Mrs. Perkins. She is doing a fabulous job heading up our SPED department, working with a new team, and mentoring multiple colleagues. She also added a new color coding system to bus dismissal to make it more efficient. In her 'spare' time she runs the Destination Imagination program for all of Decatur ISD. She is a busy woman, and we are so thankful she is here at Carson. Mrs. Perkins was awarded a gift card at the Fly Friday Assembly.