Parham Pages

January 18-22nd

Good Morning Sanger High School

Hello Team...

I hope that everyone enjoyed the 3-day weekend. A little chilly but it is January. I have included a ton of information in this edition of Parham Pages. Please note specific dates with upcoming events. We are venturing into the 2nd half of our school year and we are picking up speed. Please continue to utilize Formative Assessment in order to drive instruction. It is essential to couple this process with Immediate (specific) Feedback. I truly believe that this will make the greatest impact with your students and our accountability system. Please continue to strive for make a difference!

Have a great week.

Go Indians!

Birthday Celebrations

Birthday celebrations this week...

Happy birthday to Mrs. Hudson (1/20)

Hope you each of you have a great day!

Mid Year MacBook Checks

Each year we must go through the process of checking student MacBooks. Please note the following dates and help to remind all students of the following schedule. All checks will be conducted through the English classes.

Seniors: Jan. 12-13th

Juniors: Jan. 14-15th

Sophomores: Jan. 19-22nd

Freshman: Feb. 2-4th

Pep Rally- Senior Mom Dance

We will host a pep rally on Friday, January 22nd. Yes...that means pep rally schedule. Please mark your calendars and adjust your lesson plans as needed. This will be a special event, as our senior moms will dance at the pep rally. Please help spread the word....

Pep Rally- Friday, Jan. 22nd

Practice times-if you have any questions, please see Mrs. Vidourek.

Practice #1- Saturday, Jan. 16th @ 6:00 pm.

Practice #2- Monday, Jan. 18th @ 6:30 pm.

Practice #3- Thursday, Jan. 21st @ 6:30 pm.

Education Foundation Grant Applications

Grant applications are due next month. It is essential for SHS to participate in this process. I encourage staff members to apply. Can't win if you don't try! Also, it is important that you discuss with me in advance if you are applying for grants that include technology or academic programing. We must consider long-term sustainability and technical support. I have included a link to the Sanger Education Foundation website. Again, we can't be winners if we don't apply!

Social Media Program

On Tuesday, February 2nd SISD will host the 2016 Social Media Program in the SHS Auditorium. All students and staff will attend this program. Please mark your calendars now.
The presentation times are as follows: Please note the bolded time for SHS.

9:00 am Grades 4 - 6

10:30 am Grades 10 - 12

1:00 pm Grades 7, 8, and 9th

2:30 pm Administration

6:30 pm Parents (18 years and older)

Budget Deadline- February 19th

Attention all Department Chairs, Coaches, and Sponsors...The deadline for ordering general supplies from your budget is February 19th. (This is not a negotiable date.) If you plan to use budget monies for summer workshops, department chairs must submit in writing plans of allocation. All plans are due to Mrs. Knight no later than Monday, February 15th.

Additionally, department chairs have expressed large ticket item needs. I am finalizing those needs for purchase. I want to thank each of you for your support as we have gone through budgetary adjustments. This is vital to ensure that we are able to support the needs of everyone.

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Counselor Corner

Counselor Appreciation Week is February 1-5th

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Additional Information

Parking Lot

Suggestions... No suggestions this week.

Important Dates

  • 1/21- College Night
  • 1/26- Boys and Girls Basketball Games
  • 1/28- ELA Shutdown Benchmark
  • 1/29- Boys and Girls Basketball Games
  • 1/30- Mr. SHS
  • 2/1- Faculty Meeting (Change in date)
  • 2/2- Social Media Presentation
  • 2/2- Boys and Girls Basketball Game @ SHS
  • 2/2- Core Team
  • 2/3- Dress Code Committee Meeting (3:45)
  • 2/3- Office Staff Meeting
  • 2/4 Tech Team Meeting
  • 2/5- UIL C/X Debate Meet
  • 2/5- Boys and Girls Basketball
  • 2/5- Softball Scrimmage- TBA
  • 2/6- Softball Scrimmage- TBA
  • 2/8-0 ELA remediation begins
  • 2/8- Mentor Meeting
  • 2/8- School Board Meeting
  • 2/9- Core Team Meeting
  • 2/9- Boys and Girls Basketball Game
  • 2/9- Softball Scrimmage- TBA
  • 2/10- Sanger Education Polo and Jeans
  • 2/11- Girls Powerlifting Meet @ S&S
  • 2/12- Contact Logs Due
  • 2/12- End of the 4th Six Weeks
  • 2/13- Boys Powerlifting Meet @ S&S
  • 2/15- Staff Development Day