Friday Focus

Moreau Heights Elementary

February 15

The Moreau Heights family is committed to providing a positive and safe learning environment to support responsible and productive citizens.

Champion for Students - Culture Builders

#1 - Recognize What's Going Well

Take a moment to reflect on the work you do with students. How do you cultivate a positive culture in your classroom?

#2 Change Student Behavior by Changing Adult Behavior

We get what we model. The first step toward making significant improvement with student behavior is to recognize that the adults in the school are the silver bullet. We have to look at how adults in our school interact with students and with each other.

#3 Reach Out and Call Someone

Devote time to reaching out to connect with families of students who struggle with attendance, work, etc. Sometimes all it takes to make a significant impact on a child's desire to attend school is to reach out and say, "We care, and we are here to support you and your family." The key is to never give up on a child or a family, to commit to doing whatever it takes to create a plan that ensures any child can and will be successful.

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PBS lesson

The PBS lesson focus this week is "I can be okay with others are not okay, " specifically, using positive self-talk to keep yourself focused on what is right. (The PBS lessons will be shared via email)

Our Second Steps. . .

Lesson 17 is where we have each classroom paced on lessons:

Kindergarten- Managing Disappointment

1st grade - Solving Problems, Part 1

2nd grade - Solving Problems, Part 1

3rd grade - Solving Problems, Part 1

4th grade - Solving Problems, Part 2

5th grade - Solving Problems, Part 2

Classroom Management Check

Read this article to reflect on what you have in place in your classroom. Great way to affirm what you have in place AND look for ways to continue to improve.

Celebrate the Positive!

Positive office referrals in 2019: 110

Character Trait for February is Honesty

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JCPS Difference Maker Recognition

Have a colleague who you would like to see recognized for making a positive difference? Here is the link to complete a nomination.

Morning Gym Duty

Jerry Ries

Briana Watson

Jennifer Boyd

Matt Musselman

Calendar of Events

Monday, February 18

*No School - President's Day

Tuesday, February 19

*1st grade literacy training 12 - 3

*Processing Practice with Doug 3:45 - 4:45 in library

Wednesday, February 20

*SST for ES4 (Paul, Day, James, Holliday, Mantle) 9:15 am

Thursday, February 21

*Principal meeting 12-4

*PTO Talent Show 6:00-7:30

Friday, February 22

*PBS Assemblies 8:30/9:40

Monday, February 25

*Lorie consult with Sue 8:30-11:30 (All classrooms are to make sure that literacy instruction is occurring during the morning - thank you for any flipping of schedule this requires of you and your students!)

*SST - ES (Mantle, Day, Holliday) 9:15

*Cultural Diversity/Engagement session 4:00

*Board meeting 6:00

Tuesday, February 26

*IEP DB (Farmer, Haugen, Steuber, Humphreys, Boeckman, Lueckenhoff, Lock) 2:15

*School Culture team mtg 3:45

*Tier 2 mtg 3:45

Wednesday, February 27

*Specials Collaboration 7:45-8:15

*EA5 staffing (James, Hutchison, Haugen, Yaeger) 8:30

*CB IEP (Connelly, Humphreys, Haugen, Lock, Cremin, Whitworth) 11:00

*AF staffing/IEP (James, Vignola, Gaines, Steuber, Haugen, Lock, Cremin, Humphreys) 2:15

*Staff meeting (Marty to present) 3:45

Thursday, February 28

*Special Teacher Appreciation Day

*Sue at Principal PLC 1-3:30

Friday, March 1

*IEP AT (Farmer, Day, Steuber, Humphreys, Boeckman, Lueckenhoff, Lock) 2:15

Saturday, March 2

*Cardio Challenge 10-2

Weekly Collaboration Log

This is the link to a revised communication log for your team collaboration. The expectation is that your team will complete each week.

Dr. Day's Update

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February Birthdays

Katie Paul - Feb. 5

Coco O'Neill - Feb. 24

Jesse Bond - Feb. 26