Elvis Presley Smore

"Jumping around Like a fool"

How he became Famous

He started playing guitar when he was 11. On june 26th 1954 he joined Sun record Labels. He played live in the bon air club. In 1955 he became a musician. know across the states. In 1956 he was a international sensation. January 10th 1956 he played live on Tv and then months later he played a live performance. His first album topped the billboards that same year.

Popular Albums and Songs

Elvis is popular song "That's Ok mamma" has over 8 million views while his Hound dog song has over 3 million on youtube alone. Hound dog the song topped the billboards for 11 weeks and that spot was never replaced for over 36 years. Many believe Elvis the rock king. He was even named King of rock and roll he made more albums that topped the billboards for years to come.

Fun Facts.

He performed on the Ed Sullivan show shot only waist up. He did this since he gained the name Elvis the Pelvis by adults all around the world because of an incident on tv a year before that. In 1958 he was inducted into the army until 1960, where in that time his mom died at the ripe age of 46 years of age . After that he focused on movies 1960 to 1967 before he made his comeback until 1973.