St. Joseph Regional Jr. High School

April 11, 2022

St. Joseph Regional Jr. High School

St. Joseph Regional Jr. High School is a Catholic, co-educational, inclusive learning community in which students learn and grow in respect for God, themselves, and others, engage in academically rigorous curricula and a wide-range of meaningful service and enrichment experiences.
Diocese of Manchester 2021-2022 COVID Safety Plan

Please take time to read our Diocesan COVID Safety Plan. This plan was updated by Superintendent Thibault and a leadership team for the new school year. Our individual school plans will be updated and posted on the website by the end of the week.

STJ 2021-2022 COVID-19 Safety Plan

Updated 9/26/21 using the CDC School and Childcare Toolkit. Please review pages 9 and 10 of the toolkit, linked in the Safety Plan, for the decision-making matrix.

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Important Dates Coming Up:

  • April 12th, Way of the Cross (St. Anselm)
  • April 14th, Early Dismissal
  • April 15th, NO SCHOOL
  • April 18th, NO SCHOOL
  • April 19th, Graduation Pictures
  • April 25th-29th, Spring Break

may lunch is open

Hot lunch ordering for May is now open. You can place orders through the Family Portal by April 20th. District code is SJR-NH.

Sports News

The track team is off and running. Just a reminder that the pay-to-play is due before the first track meet.

Congratulations to our Spelling Bee winners!

1st place: Lillian Manning, 2nd place: Long Nguyen 3rd place: Craig Feliciano. Job well done by all the spellers.

Student Council News

Paws for Peace is filling the board! Thanks to all who have bought paws. We will continue the program until Spring Break.

On April 22, the Council will celebrate Earth Day by cleaning around the school grounds.

Lauren is organizing our reading day with the littles downstairs.

The volleyball shirts are in! Everyone should bring in their $6.00 to their homeroom representative. We will be decorating the shirts on April 22.


NH Catholic schools are hiring and offering an incentive now through September! If interested, you can learn more at!
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Graduation News

Graduation will be on June 14 at St. Anthony Church at 4:00 PM. The 8th graders will be practicing that morning from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM. They will be dismissed immediately after practice and will return at 3:30 PM for the ceremony.

The Graduation Dance is June 10, 7:00 to 10:00. This is a semi-formal, so please, no gowns or tuxes or dresses shorter than 2” above the knee. Boys simply wear a dress shirt and necktie. This is a time for the class to spend a fun evening together as a class. Everyone should plan on coming together as a member of the class of ‘22 and not as someone’s date.

Coming Attractions in Detail

April 12: Way of the Cross – St. Anselm. Please be sure your student has returned the permission slip

April 14 – Early dismissal: 11:30 AM There will be no buses at the end of the day.

April 15 and 18 — No school.

April 19 – 8th graders will be going to the Cathedral for the graduation picture. They will have to bring their caps and gowns and wear a white button up shirt under the gown. Shorter members of the class should plan to wear shoes (not sneakers) as they may be in the front row and their feet may be seen in the picture.

April 21 — PTO meeting.

April 25-29: Spring Break

End of the Year Preview:

June 3 – Mel’s Fun Park

June 10 – Graduation Dance

June 13 – Talent Show

June 14 – Graduation – St. Anthony – 4:00 PM.

The Happenings in History

We finish Reconstruction and the test will be on Monday. After a day of warp speed history, we begin WWI.

Math News

This week in Math 7, we are going to learn about our last application of percents: simple interest, and use the simple interest formula to find interest in different scenarios. Then, we will take a day where I will let students work on the percent topic that they find most difficult, so that they can learn more about how to study for math. On Thursday, we will have a surprise Easter related extra credit opportunity!

This week in Pre-Algebra, we are going to review our last topic in this chapter: using the Fundamental Counting Principle in order to determine the number of outcomes in complex experiments. Then we will review for the test and take the test on all of Chapter 6 which include, ratios and rates, proportions, similar figures, scale, probability, and the fundamental counting principle. On Thursday, we will have a surprise Easter related extra credit opportunity!

This week in Algebra, we will take a test on all of Chapter 7, which includes rates and ratios, proportions, clearing, percents, percent problems, mixture problems, work problems, negative exponents, and scientific notation. We will then begin our Function units by going over equations in two variables. On Thursday, we will have a surprise Easter related extra credit opportunity!

Happy Easter to all in the St. Joe's community!

World Geography Updates

Continuing our study of Africa with a look at early civilizations and world religions. The test will be on Monday for period 2 and on Tuesday for periods 6 and 7.

COVID-19 Vaccination Questionnaire

As you can imagine, this year, school leaders, staff, and parents are navigating complications not forecasted at this time in 2020. Though we do not have a mask mandate, it is important to remember that the pandemic is not over. We continue to be as vigilant as possible while allowing parental agency on masking.

For the purpose of collecting data collection, I have constructed a brief, voluntary questionnaire for families about the vaccination status of their St. Joe's students. If you would be willing to share that information, please consider completing it by Friday, October 15th.

Social Media - Please follow us!

We will continue to post photos, videos, updates on our social media pages. We host a St. Joseph Regional Jr. High School Parents' Facebook Group that we encourage you to follow, link here.

In the next year, please watch for our new Instagram account and live versions of our schoolday exclusively on these private pages. Please note that you must request access to the page and we will not grant access to anyone who does not answer all of the security questions regarding enrollment and permissions.

St. Joseph Regional Jr. High School Website

Please visit for all of the information you need before school begins!

2021-2022 School Calendar

Please reference this calendar at any time during the school year. Note that this calendar has not been revised to reflect the post-Labor Day start, however, it will not effect the final day of school.