An App That Tracks Your Fitness In Every Way

By: Tommy Leimkuhler

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Argus is an I phone app that can be downloaded for free. Argus is a very user friendly fitness app that calculates everything related to fitness, Your heart wait, number of steps, calories burned, etc. This is a great app but I found a hard time using it because you need your phone at all times. Therefore I would recommend this app to an adult but not to a middle school kid like me.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Argus has everything. It can calculate anything that you might want to know about you fitness

Cons: Argus is an I Phone app so it can only calculate your fitness if your I phone is on you. It was hard for me on a school day because I could not carry my phone around.

Light vs Full App

I had the light app which proved useful. I was able to view the difference between the light and full app and the main differences were that the full app went into more detail about what you have done for fitness. The other main difference is that on the full version you can compare yourself to friends. If you are hard core when it comes to fitness or you are looking for an app for the whole family I would recommend the full app, but if you were just looking for an app that tracked you fitness but not in much detail you could definitely get by with the light version.

What Can You Do With It

Argus is great for checking how many steps you have taken and how many calories you have burned. Its also great because it calculates how many calories you have consumed.

Sharing Information

On the full app for Argus you are able to have friends on the app with whom you can share your information. You can also compete against them. This is a great way to make sure you stay fit. I always try harder in competition.

Is It Good For Middle School Students

This is a great app, but it is not great for middle school students. Since You are not supposed to carry your phone with you around school Argus can not track all of your fitness. Argus however is great for adults who have their phone on the all the time.