PBIS PRIDE Newsletter

Fall 2018

What does PRIDE mean?

PRIDE is the acronym that represents our school’s slogan for the PBIS initiative, a.k.a. Positive Behavior Interventions and Support. PRIDE represents the following concepts: Positive relationships, Respect, It starts with me, Demonstrate ownership, and Engaged in learning.

PBIS PRIDE Expectations

As a school, we have created behavior expectations for specific areas in the building. These areas include classrooms, hallways and stairwells, the cafeteria, bathrooms, and school wide events.

As a school, we review these expectations in a positive way for our students to be involved in our school community.

Positive Behavior Incentives

PRIDE 200 Club

Students receive a Golden Ticket from a teacher or staff member for exceeding expectations. The tickets are brought to the main office and students draw a number to be placed on the 200 Club Pride Board. Once 10 numbers are filled in a row, those students will have the chance to play PLINKO to win prizes. All students that receive a Golden Ticket will have a postcard mailed home and be entered in the quarterly prize drawings.

PRIDE Points

Students can receive points from a teacher or staff member via the PBIS App for meeting the PRIDE expectations. Those points can be redeemed at the School Store. New prizes and opportunities will be coming to the School Store this year!

1-1-1- Challenge

New to the Middle School this year is the 1-1-1 Challenge. Quarterly events (4 times a year) will be held for all students that meet the 1-1-1 Challenge. Students will attend the event/opportunity as long as they do not exceed (for that marking period):

  • One Major Form
  • One Unexcused Absence
  • One Tardy to School

Events may include Ice Cream Sundaes at lunch, special assemblies or movies.

Referral System

Students may receive a minor or major referral for not following the PBIS PRIDE Expectations during the school day. Minor referrals are handled by the teacher in the attempt to reinforce the positive expectations. Three minor referrals in any given week will result in a major referral. Major referrals are handled by an administration and parents/guardians will be notified. Major referrals can also occur for more serious infractions of school policy.

PBIS Brochure

Have more questions about the PBIS Program? Download and view the PBIS Brochure below.

PBIS Dance

Friday, Sep. 14th, 6-8pm

60 Evergreen Drive

Myerstown, PA

This is the first school dance of the year. Everyone is invited. The cost is $3.00. Drinks and snacks will be available for purchase.