Oak Rocking Chair


A Great Size, Perfect for a Nursery, Porch or Living Space

This rocking chair was actually the one my mother nursed me in when I was born 40+ years ago and probably dates from the 1940 or 50s since it was a few decades old when she acquired it. It's a lovely oak and I think the size makes in ideal for a smaller nursery, a covered porch or tucked by the fireplace in a living room. It's 36.5" high, 20" wide, and 30" deep (the curved rockers).

In terrific condition with a perfect finish, I've priced it low since our house in going on the market and I need to move all the furniture we are not taking quickly. I hope that someone else can benefit from our need to get this chair into someone else's home quickly!

Since I drive a compact car, it would be challenging for me to transport this item, so you will need to plan to come to my home to pick it up.
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On sale now for only $25!

Cash or PayPal Only, Please.