Elizabeth Chimitt

Beautiful Italy

The Place of your Dreams

Epiphany is a major holiday in Italy. It is kind of like Christmas, and every January 6, La Befana goes down the chimney and gives kids presents that they asked for in letters. Soccer is a big sport in this country, and is like our American Football. In Italy, soccer is called calico, or football. Some popular vacation spots in Italy are the Dolomites Mountains to ski, or the many beaches that surround almost all of the country. Rome is a great place to go in Italy, with many sites to see. You can see the Coliseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon, and many more interesting places. Also, if you want to go on a simple day trip, Florence is the place. The Bargello Museum and the Uffizi Gallery are just some of the many art museums in the city. Then there's Venice, where you can go in pagodas, or see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The sites to see and places to go in Italy go on and on. Everyone knows Italy for their pizza and their pasta, which are very good, but you should also try San Daniele ham, buffalo mozzarella and white truffles. If you go to Italy, make sure you bring back souvenirs, because you’ll want to remember the amazing time you had there.


Italy’s main language is Italian. When you go to Italy, you should know how to say some basic phrases. To say hello in Italian is “Ciao”. To say goodbye in Italian is “Arrivederci”. You can say “Dove posso trovare il bagno.” if you need to know where the bathroom is. Also, if you are lost, you can say “Mi sono perso”. You always think about love when you think of Italy. “Mio amore” is how you say, my love, in Italian.


The currency in Italy is the euro. The lira used to be the currency, but it changed when Italy joined the European Union. Since the euro is worth more than the lira, Italy struggled to give everyone the money that they had in euros. One American dollar equals 0.74995 euro. One American dollar equaled 1.77 lira.


Italy has a republic government. A republic government is a government led by representatives of voters. Italy also has a free market economy. A free market economy is an economy that allows business owners to make decisions with little government interference. A republic government and free market economy make Italy an appealing country to live and work in.


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