Nazi Medical Experiments

Introduction to the War and Camps

During World War II Nazi doctors did cruel experiments on innocent people. People were being sent to different types of camps, such as concentration camps, extermination camps and labor camps. At these camps the people were enduring pain and suffering, some of the people being suffocated in gas chambers, but many people were being experimented on by doctors. The experiments usually killed the test subjects and if it did not kill them they were killed so an autopsy could be performed. Three of the most brutal and well known Nazi doctors were Josef Mengele, Carl Clauberg and August Hirt. The Nazi doctors who experimented on Jews and Romanian people during the holocaust were very well known for their cruel experiments on innocent people.

Josef Mengele and Auschwitz

A well known Nazi doctor who did experiments on his patients was Dr. Josef Mengele. Mengele was a doctor who was stationed at Auschwitz, Mengele was fascinated in many things two of which were heterochromia (a condition in which an individual's two irises differ in coloration) and twins. Mengele experimented on many of the Jews and Romanians who had the misfortune of being held in camps. Many of the twins he experimented on were children, there is one account of him taking one set of twins and stitching them together in an attempt to make conjoined twins, the twins were later killed to end their suffering. During his stay at Auschwitz, Mengele collected the eyes of his murdered victims to add to his “research material” on heterochromia. Mengele was known as the “Angel of Death” or even the “White Angel” for his cold cruel demeanor, he was associated more closely with the “selection duty” than any other medical officer at Auschwitz. Josef Mengele was one of the more brutal Nazi doctor who experimented on his patients.

Carl Clauberg

Professor Dr. Carl Clauberg was a Nazi doctor who did experiments on his patients. In his early career, Clauberg studied treatments to help infertile women conceive. At Auschwitz Clauberg intended to develop a method of non surgical mass sterilization, he tested on Jewish women trying to find a way to “sterilize” the Jews. Part of Block number ten was put at his disposal, hundreds of Jewish women were his test subjects. After the suffering of his subjects if they did not die they would be killed.

August Hirt

Lastly Dr. August Hirt. August Hirt was chairman of the anatomy department at the Reich University in Strasbourg. Hirt collected skeletons of people at Auschwitz. The skeletons he collected were intended to be used on anthropology studies that would demonstrate the superiority of the Nordic race. Hirt would select certain people at Auschwitz and have them gassed in chambers. The corpses of the deceased were sent to him as material for his skeleton collection and for studies and experiments. Hirt’s head collection had been burned to make sure that they could not be identified. August Hirt was another important Nazi doctor who did experiments on his people.

After the War

After the war ended most of these doctors were captured and the cruel ruthless experiments stopped. Jewish, Romanian and many other people were the victims of the experiments done by Josef Mengele, Carl Clauberg, August Hirt and many others. The victims were tested on for studies and research but most of them died or were killed for an autopsy. The innocent people who were experimented on and gave their lives will never be forgotten.