Rolling Hills Elementary

Weekly Newsletter - August 30, 2019

Hello RHE families,

The start of the school year is almost here. The staff and I are very excited to get started! It was wonderful seeing so many of our families at the Meet and Greet and the Kindergarten Orientations yesterday.

Thank you to the RHHSA for providing lunch for the staff on Monday. It was delicious and a perfect way to start off the school year!

Throughout the year, I will be communicating news and information about the school information and events through weekly newsletters. For the most up to date information please check out our school WEBSITE.

Our Back to School Nights are scheduled for next week. A separate letter will be sent with additional details.

I would like to thank our families for being so supportive! As a team, we are sure to have a wonderful school year together.

Enjoy the weekend!

Here’s what’s in store at RHE next week…

Monday 9/2

No school – Labor Day

Tuesday 9/3

First Student Day

Wednesday 9/4

Back to School Nights – 1,3,5

Thursday 9/5

Back to School – 2, 4, 6

Friday 9/6

Picture Day

Staffing Updates

I have been updating all of our families with staffing updates throughout the summer. We have one additional update. Due to changes and leaves within the Health and Physical Education Department throughout the District, Ms. Kim McKenna will be our physical education teacher until October or November. At that time, Ms. McKenna will be teaching at CR South and Ms. Kate Ortendahl will return to RHE!

Student Arrival - First Day of School

On the first day of school, students will go directly to their classrooms from the busses or car rider line. Staff members will be in the hallways to help direct the students. Due to limited parking, we will not be meeting on the playground as we have done in the past.

Arrival and Dismiss Procedures - Car Riders

  • Here are a few reminders about the arrival and dismissal of students:

    • Parents are encouraged to double check bus pick-up and drop-off times on the Home Access Center during the Labor Day Weekend, as changes may occur with pick-up and/or drop-off times.
    • Please be patient with our transportation department. It usually takes about two weeks to finalize bus routes. If you have any questions or concerns after the first couple few weeks of school, please contact the Council Rock Transportation Department at 215-944-1010.
    • Typically on the first few days of school, dismissal can take a few extra minutes. It is really helpful when parents review the plan with their children regarding how they are going home (bus rider, car rider, Champions, etc.).
    • Please do not drop your children off at school in the morning before 8:50 a.m. as there is no adult supervision available until that time.
    • During arrival and dismissal, children who are car riders should always exit on the passenger side of the vehicle to entirely avoid incoming traffic. In addition, parents are not permitted to pass another vehicle while children are attempting to exit.

  • Below is a map of our parking lot. There may be adjustments to our procedures once we see everything goes.

    Big picture

    Transportation Information

    Parents are encouraged to double check transportation information (pick-up and drop-off times) the day before school begins, as changes may occur during that window. If students require transportation to and from a daycare, families need to fill out the request form that is located on the Transportation Department page on the website. You can access that at the following LINK.

    In addition, if you have questions regarding bus stops and times or other transportation-related issues, please call the transportation team at 215-944-1010. This is a fantastic group of people who are poised to assist, and they can best answer specific parent questions. As a general rule, buses aim for +/- 5 minutes on the arrival/drop-off time at the stop, so please note that the time on HAC is an estimate. Also, the transportation department make tweaks for at least two/three weeks after school has started…typically not wholesale changes, but times or stop locations may be adjusted for a number of reasons.

    To access bus information for your child, simply log on to HAC through a link on the left side of the school district or HES home page. If you encounter any issues with logging into your account, there are email links for support at the bottom of HAC webpage.

    Back to School Nights

    Wednesday, September 4 – 7:00-8:00 – Grades 1, 3, 5

    Thursday, September 5 – 7:00-8:00 – Grades 2, 4, 6

    I will be sending a sperate email with more detailed information. However, a general outline of the evening schedules are below for planning purposes.

    • 6:15-6:40 - Special Education and Special Subject Area information
    • 6:40-7:00 - Welcoming Remarks - Mr. Smith - Auditorium
    • 7:00-8:00 - Classroom Presentations

    New Intercom Entry System

    As part of Council Rock’s increasing focus on security, a new front entrance access system was added to our building over the summer. Please be advised that our front doors will always be locked now as a result of this new security enhancement. The new, secure entry system includes enhanced features that Front Office staff will use to verify visitor identity and permit front door entry.

    In order to gain access to the Front Office of our building now, the following will occur:

    • School visitors will push an audio intercom button located at our front door entry area.

    • School visitors will use the front entry audio intercom system to communicate their identity and purpose of visit with a Front Office staff member

    • Front Office staff member will confirm visitor identity using the new system’s camera feature and permit Front Office access

    Once in the Front Office, visitors will sign in as a building guest, show ID, and complete the Raptor identification process to receive a visitor tag. Please always be prepared to show ID.

    Attendance Letter - 2019

    See the LINK for the district’s Attendance Letter. Please note that there are some significant changes to attendance laws.

    2019-2020 Attendance Letter to Parents

    Title 1 Applications for Free and Reduced Lunch

    Families must re-apply every school year before October 1st for the Title I Applications for Free and Reduced Lunches. The application does not roll over for any families that received this service last year. Online application access can be found at: 2019-2020 Free and Reduced Application Packet Packet. Please contact Sam Smith if more information is needed.

    Free and Reduced Lunch Application Packet

    Rolling Hills Home and School Assication - RHHSA

    We want and need your participation in the RHHSA. Please consider joining the RHHSA and volunteering – even if you only have a few hours to give. Contact the RHHSA Executive Board with questions. You can view information HERE.

    Fire Safety Contest

    The Fire Safety in the Home contest is open for any interested K-6 grade student. The deadline for the contest is Wednesday, October 16th. Last year, RHE had several prize winners and it would be great if that happened again.

    Fire Safety Contest 2019


    Student lunch prices will remain the same for the 2017-18 year as they were for the 2016-17 year.

    Elementary School Lunch Price- $2.85

    Milk price - $0.55

    Click on the following link to access the monthly menu online:

    When sending money in for lunch, please be sure the money is in a sealed envelope with the student name and teacher.

    School Hours

    The instructional school day begins at 9:10 am and concludes at 3:40 pm. Adult supervision is not available until 8:50 am. Please do not drop students off prior to 8:50 am.

    Important Dates

    • The first day of school: Students grades K-6: Tuesday, September 3, 2019
    • Back to School Night - Wednesday, September 4 – 7:00-8:00 – Grades 1, 3, 5
    • Back to School Night - Thursday, September 5 – 7:00-8:00 – Grades 2, 4, 6
    • Back to School Party/Social: Tuesday, September 10 – 6:00-7:00
    • Picture Day – 9/6
    • Please check our school’s website at for upcoming events.


    Rolling Hills is on Twitter. Be sure to follow us to receive Tweets from our teachers!


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