Texas land for sale

Price for land: 20 Cents per acre and per person

Land in texas for sale

This land has the best towns workers and farmers
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Houses with large fields for a low price

The Human friendly Texas land.

24-30 Inches of rain per year

Located in San Anglo come by to buy your land


Must know how to read and wright

Must be a good farmer

No murderers :P

No drunkards

No time people
No Dumb People!!!

Must be smart

Must be good at art

Must know FNAF

Can be an inventer


go to the port of road island and meet a ship called The S.s. Puppet

Then a carrage will pick you up on the port of galveston then take you to a brige on the galveston island and take you to another carrage and then take you to San Angleo and we will help you get settled in :D

Puppet Dealers

P.O box: 228 copper drive


If you see this yes i know its public so don't think this is real it was for a project for my school so don't go to San Angelo,I repeat do not go to San Angelo to find this place. This flier was made for my social studies class, Thank you for taking this advice. I was thinking people would try to come to this place so i made this note please read it and respect it!!!