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Que veux-tu être?

Mes Multiples Intelligences

Your top three intelligences:

  • Intelligence
  • Score (5.0 is highest)
  • Description
  • 4.43
  • Social: You like to develop ideas and learn from other people. You like to talk. You have good social skills. Effective techniques of enhancing your learning using your social intelligence include taking part in group discussions or discussing a topic one-to-one with another person. Find ways to build reading and writing exercises into your group activities, such as:
  • Reading a dialogue or a play with other people
  • Doing team learning/investigating projects
  • Setting up interview questions and interviewing your family, and writing down the interview
  • Writing notes to another instead of talking.

  • 4
  • Self: You have a very good sense of self. You like to spend time by yourself and think things over. You will often take in information from another person, mull it over by yourself, and come back to that person later to discuss it. You like working on projects on your own. You often prefer to learn by trial and error. Effective techniques to enhance your learning include keeping a journal and giving yourself time to reflect on new ideas and information. More ideas:
  • Go on "guided imagery" tours.
  • Set aside time to reflect on new ideas and information.
  • Encourage journal writing.
  • Work on the computer.
  • Practice breathing for relaxation.
  • Use brainstorming methods before reading.
  • Listen to and read "how to" tapes and books.
  • Read cookbooks.

  • 3.86
  • Logic/math:You enjoy exploring how things are related, and you like to understand how things work. You like mathematical concepts, puzzles and manipulative games. You are good at critical thinking. Here are ways to work with this intelligence in your lessons:
  • Arrange cartoons and other pictures in a logical sequence.
  • Sort, categorize, and characterize word lists
  • While reading a story, stop before you've finished and predict what will happen next.
  • Explore the origins of words.
  • Play games that require critical thinking. For example, pick the one word that doesn't fit: chair, table, paper clip, sofa. Explain why it doesn't fit.
  • Work with scrambled sentences. Talk about what happens when the order is changed.
  • After finishing a story, mind map some of the main ideas and details.
  • Write the directions for completing a simple job like starting a car or tying a shoe.
  • Make outlines of what you are going to write or of the material you've already read.
  • Look for patterns in words. What's the relationship between heal, health, and healthier?
  • Look at advertisements critically. What are they using to get you to buy their product?

  • The scores for your other five intelligences:
  • 3
  • 2.57
  • 2.57
  • 2.43
  • 1.57
  • Just because these five are not in your top three doesn’t mean you’re not strong in them. If your average score for any intelligence is above three, you’re probably using that intelligence quite often to help you learn. Take a look at the Practice section to see how to engage all your intelligences.

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pour ce travail je espère faire le travail comme un site Structural Engineer spécifique . Je me vois bien faire dans ce travail à l'avenir de travailler aux côtés d'autres ingénieurs et d'interagir avec eux et d'autres ainsi



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