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October 16, 2015

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Parent Teacher Conferences!

The long hours you have put in leading up to and during Parent Teacher Conferences is so much appreciated! What a great turn out...and students were all smiles as they were leading their parents to the conference. That says ALOT about all of you. The time and energy you put in every day to build those strong relationships with these students is noticed by these parents. Thank you for making these conferences great - now, take this coming week to relax! You deserve it!!!!

Week in review

Evaluations/Walk Throughs

I want to personally express how impressed I am with the instruction that is happening in your classrooms. The new learning that you are taking from cluster, along with the past learning you have acquired, is noticeable! Our students are so lucky to have such dedicated professionals teaching them every single day. It is so exciting to see how students are taking on thinking, naming the learning/thinking they have to do to get to mastery, and showing confidence in doing so!

I can't say enough how thankful I am for your continued growth mindset. The hard work is paying off. I can see it everyday in your classrooms with the student outcomes! We are in this together...we will continue to support each other...because that's what it takes to move from good to great!

TLT focus

We finished our unit of study on Thinking this past week. We reflected on the critical pieces of teaching thinking and set some goals for ourselves based on the continuum from procedural to conceptual.

After fall break, we will look at our teacher evaluation data from CODE so far this year! We will analyze (you like that thinking word?) the data to help us determine (another great thinking word) where we need to put our instructional support.

Reminder about Cell Phones

I am seeing an increase in cell phone usage lately. I know some of you are tweating out or sending messages to parents about the great things that are happening in your class and I appreciate that. That is fine. I would ask that you are not using cell phones for personal use during cluster time or instructional time with students. This time is to be used for teacher and student growth and it's hard to focus on the learning if you have the distraction of a cell phone! Thanks!

Change in Walker procedures after Fall Break

Due to the number of cars that are pulling up in front of the school to either pick up in the car rider line or walk up and get their children from the walker line, Officer Powell and I decided we needed to make some changes to the end of the day procedures for walkers.

Below is the letter I am sending home to parents in the Monday folder on October 26th:

If your child is a walker before/after school…

Our first goal with our end of the day procedures is to make sure all students are safely getting home. In order to do that, we would like your help!

1. Starting on Tuesday, October 27th, we are going to have all walkers exit the back of the building through door H at the end of the day. This is to alleviate the amount of traffic flow in the front of the building. Also, students will not have to walk in front of our car rider line to cross the street.

2. If your child is a walker, please do not park and pick your child up. If you would like to pick your child up, just call the office before 2:00 pm and we will make sure he/she is in the car rider line. When cars are parking on the road to pick students up, roads are being blocked which makes it difficult for other traffic to get through.

3. If you do walk to pick up your child, you will need to walk to the back of the building and pick them up at door H.

4. In the mornings, if your child is a walker/car rider, we do not open the school doors until 7:35. If students come earlier than 7:35, we do not have supervision for them.

Thank you for your continued patience and support for all students’ safety!

So, what this means for all of us is this:

1. The walkers from your room will meet in the gym after school.

2. They will be dismissed through the back doors of the school (by Lauren Moore's room)

3. Once the buses all leave, then the walkers will be dismissed.

4. The teachers on duty with the walkers will still walk them down the sidewalks.

Counselor's Corner

A big thank you to Big Brothers/Big Sisters for the donation of backpacks and school supplies. If you have a student without a backpack, let me know.

Red Ribbon Week will run from October 27th-October 30th. We will be having spirit days. Jodie will be sending you an e-mail with all the details.

News from Central Office

Today’s Focus: Teams

“Few of us will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.”
– Robert Kennedy

TAP Updates

Four Year Plan:

As you know, implementation of our Four Year Plan for improving results for our English Language learners is well underway. In September, the District Master Teachers spent time learning and thinking about how ACCESS data could be integrated into Cluster. We have been hearing about how individual schools have taken information learned and are helping teachers:

· Understand the ACCESS data;

· Use the new ILPs;

· Use the curriculum maps, including the MPIs, to design and plan instruction for ALL students; and

· Differentiate classroom instruction with EL students in mind.

Tom Good is required to collect and maintain documentation of our efforts to implement the 4 Year plan. If you have cluster agendas and/or TLT meeting records that evidence your school’s work in these areas, please send them to Tom electronically. Thank you!!!

From the GCS Foundation:

The GCS Foundation is currently accepting grants from GCS employees. The next deadline is December 4. The foundation especially likes to support innovative and enriching types of projects that teachers would like to do with their students, things that are beyond what the district is able to provide. They do not wish to support projects that just include acquiring more technology, as that is something the district is working towards. The application for grants can be found on the foundation website, which is a link from the GCS website.

GCS Foundation Trivia Night: Just a reminder that the GCS Foundation Trivia Night is Tuesday, October 27th at 6:30 p.m. There are many school teams participating, so it will be a fun night for all!

Passport: Global Education

Passport is a division of educational programming for K-12 teachers that includes a Global Study Tour of the British Isles scheduled for July 11-21, 2016. This is our 3rd year of leading a team of educators to visit schools in England, Scotland, and Ireland. We are also launching our first intercultural exchange for international students with participating schools in China and Taiwan (although the program is not restricted to these countries). The Summit Xchange is a two-week, Project-based Learning English Immersion Camp for international students. For more questions email michelle.white@thesummitfw.com

A Letter from CAPS for Kids:

I hope everyone is having a great start to their 2015 - 2016 school year!

I'd like to introduce you to Caps For Kids and our school based Cap Day program. Caps For Kids is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing hats autographed by athletes, entertainers, and other notable personalities to children, adolescents and young adults who have lost their hair due to their chemotherapy treatments. The money we raise through Cap Day helps us put more caps on the heads of children at our

130 hospital partners throughout the United States and in Canada, including 4 in Indiana!

Cap Day is a great way to rally for our pediatric cancer patients. You can help by scheduling a Cap Day at your school. On a specific day of your choice, your students are encouraged to wear their favorite cap to school in return for donating $1. Register your school today, to get your participation packet with everything you need to make your school's Cap Day as successful and as simple as possible. These materials and more are also available to download from our website:


As you can imagine, having cancer at any age is a traumatic experience, but having it as a child is even more anguishing. The caps we provide are symbols of hope for these children and help turn their struggles into triumphs.

Each year, over 13,000 children and adolescents 18 and younger are diagnosed with cancer - that's more than a classroom of kids per day. We have had many schools hold a Cap Day in honor or in memory of one of their students. We have sent out numerous caps to the schools, so they could present the autographed cap the same day as their Cap Day, which helps with our mission of reaching more kids.

Register today at www.capsforkids.org/cap-day




Tiffany Reites

National Program Manager

Caps For Kids

200 Henry Clay Ave.

New Orleans, La 70118

Phone: 504.891.4277

Fax: 504.894.5198


Upcoming dates:

19th-23rd: No School - Fall Break

26th: PTO fundraiser information home in Monday folders; Real Men Read begins
7:30-8:15 - RtI data meeting in TAP room
1:45 - K-2 Blue Ticket Assembly
2:15 - 3-5 Blue Ticket Assembly
3:00-4:30 - TLT meeting
6:00 Board Meeting

10:00 - Lori at Skyward Training at CO
12:00 - 5th graders leave for Martin's Pay it Forward
12:30-4:00 - Strategic Planning Meeting (Lori at Central Office)
3:05-4:00 - Grades 3-5 Cluster
6:30 - Trivia Night (Go Team WG!)

9:00 - Lockdown practice drill
12:00 - 5th graders leave for Martin's Pay it Forward
3:05-4:00 - Grades K-2 Cluster

29th: (this was going to be McTeacher Night but will have to be changed)
8:00-10:00 District TLT meeting (Lori gone)

30th: PTO Popcorn Day
8:30-10:00 District Master Teacher meeting (Aimee and Lori gone)


7:30 - RtI data meetings in TAP room
3:00-4:30 - TLT meeting
4:30-5:30 - Strategic Planning Meeting (Lori at Central Office)
6:30 - PTO Meeting

3:05-4:00 - Grades 3-5 cluster

3:05-4:00 - Grades K-2 cluster

IB Visit day to an Indy School (the IB committee will be gone)

8:45-10:30 - Principal's meeting (Lori gone)
3:35 - Jen Carr's baby shower :)

10th: Rise and Roll orders are due

13th-14th: Tentative dates for installation of the playground

12th: Jeans for Troops Day - wear your jeans to show support for our troops!

Always need a laugh...

If you have not heard the story of what Dee found on the floor of her classroom, ask her about it! It was quite the surprise for Victor, too! :) Never a dull moment in kindergarten!