Aerospace Engineering

By Jesus Orozco

What is Aerospace Engineering?

Aerospace engineering is the field of design, development, construction, testing, and operation of vehicles operating in the Earth’s atmosphere. Aeronautical engineering can be traced to the early days of mechanical engineering, to inventors’ concepts, and the studies of aerodynamics. Today aerospace engineers design aircrafts, missiles, satellites, and spacecrafts, usually for private business or for the federal government.
Aerospace Engineers -- What is it?


Entry salary: $65,130

Junior salary: $81,710

Experienced: 103,870

Senior: $127,740

Highest: $150,680

Top Universities

Work Environment

Aerospace engineering and operations technicians usually work full time in laboratories, offices, and manufacturing or industrial plants. The environment may be hazardous, but incidents can be avoided as long as procedure are followed. Aerospace engineers usually deal with other engineers to gather ideas and build hypotheses on different projects, So for the most part aerospace engineers deal with other math nerds.

CAREER PROFILE - Aerospace Engineer


I’m committing to pursuing this career because I love mathematics and innovating therefore aerospace engineering would be great for me. Since Aerospace engineering deals with Mathematics and innovating different things I feel it would be a great job for me. To pursue the career, like I mentioned earlier, I have to start by taking all the advanced mathematics class available at my school. I also like the idea of designing things such as airplanes, jets and rockets that go into space.