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December 2, 2019

Cape's Mission & Vision

Mission: To provide a safe and supportive learning community where every student experiences success.

Vision: We believe that the most promising strategy for achieving the mission of Cape Elementary is to develop our capacity to function as a professional learning community.

Dear Cape Elementary Families,

As we move from Thanksgiving into the winter holidays, we want to, once again, express our gratitude for our amazing staff, outstanding students and excellent parents. How honored, thankful and privileged we are to be part of the Cape family! Enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.

December and January are busy months at our school. Please check your calendar in the planner, website and newsletter for school events held during December and January including PE Field Days and early dismissal on December 18, 19 and 20 at 12:10.

We need 15 parent volunteers to make our 2nd Quarter SOAR Celebration totally awesome! We have different stations of games and activities. Please call Mindy at 542-3551, if you can volunteer on Monday, December 16 anytime from 8:00 to 12:00.

Cape has the best parents in Lee County! You have demonstrated this time and time again by asking what you can do to support our school, our staff and most importantly, your children. Thank you for your continued support of Cape Spirit Night and fundraisers. It will soon be time for our PTO Holiday Shoppe, and we need volunteers to help students pick out gifts, wrap and stock the shop. You can call Cape if you can help for an hour or a day or go to to sign up for a time. Our students love shopping for their families, and our PTO has a huge selection of wonderful gifts.

Listed below are several resources you can utilize to support your child at Cape Elementary:

  • Reading Renaissance Home Connect – this link enables you to access student performances on AR quizzes.
  • Twitter! Follow us @CapeElem!
  • Lee County School District App and Parent Link. Directions on how to log in are at

We serve breakfast to over 300 students each day from 7:30 to 7:45. Our goal is to close breakfast at 7:45, so learning can begin promptly at 7:55; however, if we have late buses or a long line at Parent Drop-Off, breakfast will remain open until those students are through the breakfast line.

We love our Spirit Days each Friday. Our students look awesome in their Cape t-shirts. Parents and students may purchase school t-shirts in the front office for $12 or $15.

We continue to be honored and privileged to be the leaders at Cape Elementary. Please call, email or set up a meeting to chat with us if you ever have a question or concern. We love hearing from parents! Thank you for your support, for your understanding and for allowing us to teach your children. They are simply the best, and they are the reason we love what we do! Happy Holidays!


Ms. Osterholm and Mrs. Sund

Attendance Matters....Did You Know?

Poor attendance predicts dropping out of school, chronic absenteeism can result in other negative consequences for students and schools. Students who are not in class have fewer opportunities to learn the material that enables them to succeed later in school. Research on truancy and absenteeism suggests that students with better attendance score higher on achievement tests than their more frequently absent peers. Attendance not only affects individual students but also can affect the learning environment of an entire school.

Please know there are people at school to help families experiencing high absences, which for November is 8 absences or more. Contact your school social worker if you need attendance support.

Please visit for additional information on how attendance correlates to learning.

Advertise Your Business-Support Cape Elementary!

If you’d like to advertise your business and support Cape Elementary….Provide the banner and $250 donation to Cape Elementary and your banner will hang in either the PPU area or on Vincennes Blvd. If you’d like a banner in both locations the cost is $500. Please contact the office for more information.

From the School Nurse

As the excitement of the holidays approaches, please don't forget about preparing and having a backup plan in case your child gets sick while at school. We can provide a child some rest, salt water, ice packs, and minor wound cleansing, etc., however if your child gets hurt or remains uncomfortable even after resting or has a temperature >100 and/or is vomiting or in pain, we would like them to be picked up for further care at home.

Please keep your child's school updated with any new contact information in the event that your child needs to be picked up unexpectedly. We will do our best to help your child feel better while in school but sometimes it is better for the child to rest at home. Please have a backup plan in place in the event that your child needs to go home early.

December Counseling Corner

Thanks to Cape Coral First United Methodist Church, we were able to provide Thanksgiving turkeys for 17 families this year. We are looking forward to continuing our partnerships with Cape Coral First United Methodist to provide gifts for families who may need gift assistance this Christmas. If you didn’t receive a letter, and you could use help in providing gifts for your children this Christmas, please email Miss Boeck at

It seems hard to believe, but our 2nd quarter SOAR celebration is right around the corner. Students who met SOAR expectations for quarter 2 will be treated to Seymour’s Game Day on December 16.

The district-wide character word for December is KINDNESS/COMPASSION. This involves demonstrating concern for the well-being of others: giving support and showing empathy. Traits of kindness include: Helping others in need without being asked; forgiving others for their mistakes; complimenting your friends; using polite words like please, thank you, and excuse me; sharing with others, and understanding the feelings of others.

As we consider the holidays and spending time with family and friends, it is especially important to teach and develop compassion in our children. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of the season, but as we look around, it becomes evident that not everyone is feeling the joy associated with this time of the year. We need to be supportive of those who are dealing with loss and grief. Compassion is one of the greatest gifts we can give one another. Being supportive doesn’t drain your bank account, and something as simple as a smile or a kind word can mean all the difference to someone who needs it.

The district-wide character word for January is Commitment. This involves binding yourself to a course of action despite obstacles. The district’s quote for the month is, “Make yourself a promise and keep it.”

Please take some time over the break to talk to your child about his/her commitment to keep the promises made by signing the pledge in the front of the planner at the beginning of the school year to follow the school’s rules and focus on positive behavior. The rewards our students earn for following the Cape Elementary SOAR expectations reinforce their commitment to keeping our school safe and positive. Following the rules requires commitment – what a great way to build this character trait throughout the new year!

Thanks for partnering with us to develop compassionate, committed learners at Cape Elementary School. Enjoy your holiday break. See you back in school on January 8.

PTO News

Hello Cape families! We have some exciting things coming up for our Cape kids before the long holiday break.

Saturday, December 7th is our breakfast with Santa at Applebees on Del Prado from 8-10 am. You may purchase your tickets online at:

Tickets are $8 each and each person who will be eating breakfast will need a ticket. This is a fun morning filled with yummy food, Seymour and Santa, plus Christmas carols! This year we will be collecting new unwrapped toys that will be donated to Toys for Tots.

December 9th-13th will be our PTO Holiday Shoppe. Shopping will be open from 7:30-noon, Monday through Friday. This is a very exciting time for kids to shop for their friends and families at affordable prices, with selections for everyone on their list!

We do need several volunteers for this event to help kids with shopping, counting money, and wrapping. Please consider donating a couple of hours if possible by signing up at:

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and we look forward to continuing the fun in 2020! Thank you for supporting Cape PTO!

We appreciate all the support from our awesome Cape family! If you have any questions please email us at and follow us on Facebook at CapeElementaryPTO.

We LOVE our Business Partners

C21 Gulf Coast Realty

Jim Fischer

Quality Pest Control

Cape Coral First United Methodist Church

Vineyards Community Church (Cape Coral)

Horace Mann Insurance

Walmart (FM Beach Store)


Papa John's Pizza



Rib City

Cici's Pizza


Dominoes Pizza


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Lee County School Board

Board Members of the LCSD:

Mary Fischer, District 1 (Chair)

Debbie Jordan, District 4 (Vice Chair)

Melisa W. Giovannelli, District 2

Chris N. Patricca, District 3

Gwynetta S. Gittens, District 5

Betsy Vaughn, District 6

Cathleen O'Daniel Morgan, District 7

Gregory K. Adkins, Ed.D.