Norton Weekly Update

October 17th-21st

Schedule for the Week

Monday -

Tuesday - Parent Conference Night

Wednesday - Campus Improvement Team Meeting

Thursday -

Friday - Fall Festival

Watch Dogs!

Monday - Bruce Benton

Tuesday -

Wednesday - Hoang Nguyen

Thursday - Greg Wielgus

Friday - Scott Neuf

Principal Brag Board

I had a student tell me last week that two of his classmates should be on the Brag Board - and then he asked why it had gone away. Well, I have decided to bring it back! Please send me students who are going above and beyond, who have met a goal, or who need some encouragement. I would love to get their picture up on the board. Thanks!

T-TESS Appraisals are starting soon!

With appraisals starting, I wanted to provide you with a link to a T-TESS Teacher Handbook. I learned of it this week; you might want to check it out. It provides clarifying information for the areas shown in the rubric.


Communication that is clear and timely is a critical component to all effective organizations. Help us help one another by emailing all staff if you have a field trip planned, an in-school event or program coming up, or a special event. By sharing with the entire staff, we can make sure that everyone (specials teachers, resource teachers, office staff, etc.) know about all events that might impact the day. In the past, I think communication has mostly been to specific grade levels. While it may be another email to read, this process will benefit our kids and our campus. Thanks!

PLC Meetings

  • You will be receiving invitations soon from Kelli, Terri, and Julie for PLC meetings that we would like to attend. We plan to meet with each grade level once each month to discuss student progress and student needs.
  • Please remember to turn your PLC Task Sheet in to Julie following each weekly meeting. A master can be found in the J Drive in the Teacher Share.


Maria Seid has given you some great resources for the ELPS. Please find a space to post your ELPS in classrooms as it is something that we will be looking for as we are doing learning walks and working through T-TESS.

If you have questions, please ask!

Wiggle Stools

Thanks to a generous donor we have funds for 7 more wiggle stools for classrooms. Please let me know if you are interested in receiving one. :)

It's Password Change month! Please change your password as soon as possible.

Storybook Character Dress Up Day

A-Team met this week, and we have decided to continue our tradition of allowing students to dress up as a character from their favorite book this year. We will have dress-up day on October 31st. We will put this information in the weekly newsletter:

Guidelines for Storybook Character Dress Up Day - October 31st

Costumes must follow school dress code guidelines and not represent, promote, or include horror, blood, guts, or weapons - nothing scary that could alarm our younger students. No masks!

Students/Teachers who decide to dress up need to bring the book that shows the character they have dressed like.

Take "The 30 Day Happy Teacher Challenge"!

October can be a difficult month in the lives of educators. Would you like to intentionally make it a little better one day at a time? Take "The 30 Day Happy Teacher Challenge" and do something each day to take care of yourself or remind you why you do what you do. Copies are in your boxes. :)

Thank you:

  • to everyone who has begun posting your ELPS in your classrooms! Great job!
  • to those who have been hosting parent conferences. Thank you for taking the time to create partnerships with our Norton families!
  • for a great first quarter of the year. What a fantastic team we have!

Happy birthday this week to Kristi Tye!