First Nation affected by hunger!?

By Rain

No money means no food!

A father is dying at a hospital even though he is reviving special treatment! All the money that family has to pay is about $15,000. That's a lot for even for us! Another aspect that affects them is the lack of jobs. Without jobs they don't have money. Without money they can't afford food and treatment!
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How would you feel to live like this?

First Nations live in a very bad environment. They usually live in overcrowded houses. They have very little education and food. The houses need major repair. In 2011 360,620 First Nations lived in reserves. That's a lot of people! Luckily that was in the past those numbers were in the past!
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The life of a First Nation ruined?

First Nations sometimes commit suicide! The reason of this is because their lives are horrible. Their lives have been a mess ever since they were born. Their families are very poor.
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