The Principal's Message

Crossroads South Middle School

October 6th, 2017


Bonnie H. Capes, Principal

Sondra Hinson & Mark Kmiec, Assistant Principals


Thank you for a wonderful start to our school year! Thank you for joining us at Back to School Night! It is always nice to see our families participate in our school program. We look forward to strong communication throughout the year and this digital newsletter will help to serve that purpose. As always, please feel free to reach out to the school with any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Capes


  • WEEK OF RESPECT: Today we concluded our WEEK OF RESPECT. While we took time to remind ourselves of RESPECT this week, one student made an awesome point... "Every day is a day of respect!". In addition, the Omega Unit started spreading the word with NOH8 bands! It was a great week!
  • TRANSPORTATION: Thank you for your continued patience with transportation issues. Our Transportation Department is still working through concerns and supporting all routes. Our times have been better, however with the national driver shortage, we are still encountering delays when drivers are absent from our contracted routes. Continue to reach out with your concerns.
  • CHANGE IN DISMISSAL: If you are planning to pick your child up early, please send in a note alerting the school.
  • ATTENDANCE: Daily attendance in school is a critical factor in the success of your child. Please do your best to minimize the number of days your child is absent from school or is taken out early for appointments. Should your child exceed the number of acceptable days absent as determined by NJ State Law, you will receive a letter from the school.
  • BUS REMINDERS: Please note: Students are NOT allowed to ride any other busses, even if a parent gives permission. The transportation department does not allow this practice, as they cannot plan for additional students riding our already full busses.
  • MUSIC PROGRAM: Our before school music program will start on MONDAY, October 9th! If you choose to drop your child off, PLEASE BE PATIENT! Traffic will be an issue. **SAFETY NOTE: ALL STUDENTS MUST EXIT ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE VEHICLE.**It is an early morning for these students and we appreciate your support and dedication.
  • BREAKFAST PROGRAM: Crossroads is now offering breakfast to all students. This is designed to be a quick "GRAB & GO" option that students can eat between arrival and 1st period. **If you have a spending limit on your child's account, you will need to adjust this limit to allow for the addition of breakfast.**
  • PRINCETON UNIVERSITY CULTURE & CLIMATE SURVEY: This week, our students participated in a Culture & Climate Survey organized by Princeton University. In the Opening Day Packet, there was a letter with basic information regarding this process. This survey was designed by researchers at Princeton to gather detailed information about how our students feel about their academic performance, the school, their teachers, and their peers.



  • 10/9 - Early Morning Music Program Begins
  • 10/10 - EARLY RELEASE DAY - Professional Development
  • 10/13 - Student Council Elections
  • 10/16 - NJ Violence & Vandalism Awareness Week
  • 10/16 - Education Foundation of SB - Taste for Education Event 6pm
  • 10/17 - PTO Meeting 7pm
  • 10/19 - NO SCHOOL - Professional Development/Diwali
  • 10/23 - BOE Meeting @ South 7pm
  • 10/27 - 6th Grade Social
  • 10/31 - HALLOWEEN


  • 11/1 - Picture Day Make-ups
  • 11/2 - 8th Grade Vo-Tech Trip
  • 11/6 - EARLY RELEASE DAY - Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • 11/7 - EARLY RELEASE DAY - Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • 11/8 - EARLY RELEASE DAY - Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • 11/9 - NO SCHOOL - NJEA
  • 11/10 - NO SCHOOL - NJEA
  • 11/13 - EARLY RELEASE DAY - Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • 11/15 - PTO Meeting @ South 7pm
  • 11/16 - "NIGHT UNDER THE LIGHTS" - Football Game 6pm
  • 11/20 - BOE Meeting 7pm
  • 11/22 - EARLY RELEASE DAY - Thanksgiving Weekend
  • 11/23 - NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving
  • 11/24 - NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving


This year, we have THREE major school goals to guide our work. Please read below for further information on the school goals here at Crossroads South.

  • ACADEMIC GROWTH: We will always focus on our curriculum and instruction for the purpose of moving students forward. Staff will engage in professional learning to improve learning for all students.
  • CULTURE/CLIMATE: The place and space in which we work is critical to success. Our goal is to create schools where students are excited to come to everyday! As part of the social/emotional wellness of our students, our school has engaged in the critical work of assessing our school culture and climate in terms of positive behavioral supports and anti-bullying. Our over-arching focus has been and will continue to be...RESPECT - Respect Yourself, Respect Each Other, and Respect our Environment. In addition, we will focus on the importance of attendance. Every day counts!!
  • VERTICAL ARTICULATION: Being in the middle is never easy. We can often feel squeezed from both sides. The goal of Vertical Articulation is to ensure the safe and methodical passage of our students throughout the three distinct levels in the district; elementary, middle, and high. Our teachers have already begun the work of aligning practice, curriculum, and expectations for this very purpose and we will continue to study the ways we can create even more smooth transitions.


Please join the PTO! Your membership dues go towards supporting assembly programs, events for the students, and mini grants to support our program. Please send in your membership NOW!


Please send in your BOX TOPS! Although your children are in Middle School, we still collect any and all box tops. This is a quick and easy way to gain funds for our school. We will collect all year!