Where The Petals Came From

What Are Flowers

When you imagine a flower, you might think of a rose or a tulip, right? A flower is actually a seed-bearing part of a plant. It consists of reproductive organs which are stamens and carpels. They are typically surrounded by a brightly colored corolla (petals) and a green calyx (sepals). Flowers may not seem like much they are a big part of our everyday life.
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Do you know what an orchid is? An orchid is a plant with complex flowers that are typically showy or bizarrely shaped. Orchids grow worldwide especially as epiphytes in tropical forests and are valuable hothouse plants. There are more than 25,000 documented species of orchids! Scientists are actually finding more and more species of orchids every day.
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Roses come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Roses are really prickly bushes that bear other flowers that come in red, pink, yellow and white fragrant flowers. They can be used as Christmas ornaments by cutting one off of a bush very carefully. Then find a glass container and drill a hole in the top and put a string through it. All you have to do then is put the rose in the glass, close it up and put in on your tree. And there, a home made rose ornament!