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April 2016

A Letter From Your Teacher

Dear Students and Families,

Happy Spring!

I'm confident that all of you thoroughly enjoyed the time off with your children last week. I was lucky enough to have “Stay Home Vacation,” where I rested and got a few chores done. Now I’m excited to get back to work with your amazing kiddos!

Please remember that our school’s annual Silent Auction is Friday, April 29th at the exclusive Sanctuary Golf Course. Our class is especially excited about that fun evening because our basket will be auctioned off. A huge thank you to all of you who donated money to support this cause and to Meredith Carter and Kalie VonFeldt who made countless calls on our behalf. Now, we have an amazing summertime themed "gift card pizza!” On this evening, you will also be able to pay for your child to attend our annual 6th Grade Half Prom.

Half Prom will be on May 19th from 6:00-8:00 PM. This is an amazing evening of dining, dancing, and fun for your child. They are "half way" through school and halfway to their real prom, so the 6th-grade teachers host a "half prom" for one last memorable elementary experience! Proceeds from ticket sales pay for the pizza, dessert, and beverages. All other proceeds go directly to the PTO to fund many crucial programs here at Heritage!

Well, we are truly in the home stretch! I can’t believe that our year is almost over! It is a delight teaching your children!

Important Dates:

Apr. 4 - Chapter 9 Math Test

Apr. 5 - PARCC Testing (Last Day)

Apr. 7 - Middle School Math Placement Test

Apr. 14 & 15 - Scholastic Book Fair (BOGO)

Apr. 15 - Assessment Day (90 Minutes)

Apr. 22 - No School

Apr. 29 - Silent Auction

May 2 - HEX!!!

Meso- America Day Presentations!!!!

April Assessments

We have some important assessments this month. As you know, we are finishing up PARCC testing on Tuesday, April 5th. On Thursday, April 7th, each 6th-grade student will be participating in Middle School Placement Testing this month. This testing will consist of one math placement test. All of the problems on the test will cover 6th-grade curriculum that students have learned this year. Based on their results, recommendations will be made for middle school math placement. (Please remember, a full body of evidence will be used to make this determination. However, this placement test is heavily weighted as the counselors make math decisions.) And finally, on Friday, April 15th, we will have our second Assessment Day for which you have begun signing up for.

Annual Heritage Silent Auction

Friday, April 29th, 6pm

7549 Daniels Park Road

Sedalia, CO


Make sure to join the festivities! On this evening, you will be able to purchase your child's Half-Prom ticket, bid on many amazing items in the silent and live auctions, and buy reserved front-row seating for graduation! This is such a fun event!!! I hope to see you there!

In The Classroom:

Take a look at this month's learning objectives:

Fiction Reading - New novel groups began this week. Students have selected their novels and then they will work collaboratively as they meet to discuss their final required novel. Students will also have a final summative project for their novel. More information to come. Students will also continue to read poetry and short stories as we work together to analyze challenging texts.

Nonfiction Reading - Ongoing reading of Junior Scholastic articles and articles from multiple newspapers from around our country.

Writing - During the month of April, we will focus on continuing to write a persuasive final piece and working in creative writing workshops!

Global Awareness - Students are putting their persuasive techniques to work as they create political cartoons for current issues of their choosing. Topics include: the concussions in football, ISIS, Seaworld's recent decision to retire its orca program, glacial melt, and much, much more!

Social Studies - I'm excited for to jump into our in-depth study of the Mayas. Students will complete extensive research as they investigate these mysterious people! Two Culture Kits, were ordered, from the district which contain authentic artifacts, books, and historical documents. After reading, researching, and writing about this topic, students will develop a personal thesis on what actually happened to the ancient Maya!

Science - This week, students began their study of Earth Science with Mrs. Frasier. They are excited to learn about the different atmospheres, erosion, weather and natural disasters!

Math- Students are finishing Chapter 9 this week; now we will begin our investigation of Volume and Surface Area. This chapter includes:

  • Finding and applying the volume of rectangular and triangular prisms.

  • Finding and applying the surface area of rectangular and triangular prisms.

  • Finding and applying the surface area of pyramids.


Monday, May 23rd, 7pm

10585 Mountain Vista Ridge

Littleton, CO


Bring your camera and Kleenex for this amazing evening!

One Amazing Class

Our class consists of 23 amazing 6th-grade students. Stop by anytime to see what amazing things we're up to!