David Wiesner

Jeffry D.'s Author Study

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Central Idea Statement

In 1986-present, in Bridgewater Township, New Jersey , David Wiesner created wordless picture books because he wanted to reignite kid’s and adult’s imaginations.

Summary of Research

David Weisner was born in Bridgewater Township, New Jersey. The biggest challenge he faced was the death of his editor. She was inspired to write at a young age we think because of his vivid imagination and the dream like quality of his room. He is currently living in Philthadelphia still writing books.

Summary of Synthesized Information.

Theme: to never judge a book by it's cover because there is a lot of unsuspected things that give it a dream like quality. These books throw off your whole concept of reality. It is so random and weird what you see in these books that it just seems like this guy is crazy.

Tone: the tone of this book is weird but funny because of the theme and the way that he could make a book without words. You can't understand these books because they are so weird. He makes his books seem like a dream with his illustrations.

Books Alive: David Wiesner