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Thank you for your interest in the Humanitas Magnet for Interdisciplinary Studies at Grant High School!

We see each of our students as individuals and we understand that all students have different needs and interests. We encourage our students to express themselves and we help them discover their strengths. Students are more likely to try new things when they feel safe and supported. It's common for students to lose confidence in their academic abilities during adolescence and it can hinder their success in high school. We aim to help our students feel confident and valued. Many kids have no idea what they're capable of until they feel that their teachers believe in them.

We are a humanities based program, which means we put the human experience at the center of all of our disciplines. We use an interdisciplinary approach, which means our teachers work together to plan thematic units. This helps students see connections across subject areas and gain a deeper understanding of all disciplines. This isn't just limited to the humanities; we also emphasize math and science courses.

Our counselor will work with each student to create a schedule that works for them. If students are interested in sports or specific electives, we'll find a way to fit it into our schedule. Humanitas Magnet students have access to all of the courses and activities available at Grant High School, including AP classes, robotics, Academic Decathlon, the performing and visual arts, and Student Council.

Within the magnet program, we are replacing AP classes with actual college classes. Most students find AP classes very time consuming and at the end of the course they may not end up earning college credit. AP classes put an emphasis on testing and we prefer to put an emphasis on gaining a deeper understanding. We’ve teamed with Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) to select a unique line of college classes for our students. Starting in the 9th grade, students will take LAVC classes and will earn both college and high school credit. Humanitas Magnet teachers monitor student progress and provide support. All students will have the opportunity to earn a year or more of college credit by the time they graduate. While many high schools and magnets offer college classes, no one else is imbedding them into their program to this extent. This is a truly unique partnership.

A typical 9th grade schedule will look something like this:

Period 1: Honors Algebra 1, Geometry, or Algebra II

Period 2: Honors English 9

Period 3: LAVC Health 11 (Fall) LAVC Counseling 20 (Spring)

Period 4: Honors Marine Biology or Scientific Drawing

Period 5: Spanish I or French I

Period 6: PE or sport

I hope we will see you on a tour soon!


Alaina Kommer

Coordinator, Humanitas Magnet for Interdisciplinary Studies

Grant High School

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