Illegal Immigrants

Naturalization steps

1. Obtain a green card.

2. Maintain a physical presence.

3. Complete the USCIS form N-400.

4. Be fingerprinted. 5. Pass the interview and naturalization test.

6. Attend the oath ceremony.

How to lose citizenship

If done voluntarily and with the intent to relinquish citizenship, the following acts will cause you to lose citizenship: Serving in the armed forces of a foreign country engaged in hostilities against the U.S. Taking an officer position in the armed forces of a foreign state. Being convicted of treason.

What is an illegal alien?

Also known as an "Undocumented Alien," is an alien who has entered the United States illegally and is deportable if apprehended, or an alien who entered the United States legally but who has fallen "out of status" and is deportable.

What is a legal alien and what can they do?

a legal alien is a non-citizen who is legally permitted to remain in a country. This is a very broad category which includes tourists, guest workers, legal permanent residents and student visa resident aliens.