Mason Jar

Everyone uses mason jars. Don't you?

What is a mason jar?

The mason jar first got invented in 1858 by John Landis Mason. The mason jar can be used as multiple things, jelly, storage for food and decoration. They can be useful to farmers, artist, and basically everyone!
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Many uses of the mason jar!

When you have a mason jar, you can do so much with it. You can use it to decorate your room or living space, or you can use it to store food for a longer time during the winter! Another way you can use this is using it as a light, you can put a candle or light in the jar and use it as a lantern or lamp!

If you buy this item, you will love it!!

Reasons why you should buy this:

1. You will be so much more organized and neater.

2. In the summer when you grow your crops and it is getting close to winter you can store your food in a mason jar.

3. You can decorate your house with lamps and lights.

What I learned about my invention

I learned a lot about my invention like how John Landis Mason made it, and named it after him! I also learned that over the years, the mason jar didn't really change. It changed shapes but it still looks like the old mason jar. Another fact I learned is that, food can stay preserved in there. You would think it would get old, like I did, but it can actually stay in there for a pretty long time. I used the bandwagon method because I felt like it I said that a lot of people are using them, they will want to use them too!