Eighth Grade English!

With Mr. Dougherty


It's been a pleasure and joy having your students in my classroom these past two and a half weeks. It is refreshing to speak with some of you over the phone, and I was re-energized by the care and attention you have for your students' success! I apologize for those I was not able to talk with, but be sure I listened to every voicemail! I'm really excited for the school year. I'm reaching out so you know you can reach me. Some of you expressed interest in having time after class to go over the work that was missed in class. In light of that, I'm planning on making time available after school for students to do make-up work that they need more help on, or simply wish to understand an assignment better. I cherish the work we do!

Benchmark Assessment


  • Some of you expressed concern over your scholars' being on task and having ample work to do. There's plenty! For those of you who received the syllabus and signed it - Thank you! As a gentle reminder, your scholar's grade depends 50% upon completion of Participation, Homework, and Performance tasks. So, check to see that their notebooks are filled with my Red Star stamp, their workbooks are filled with complete sentences to questions, and that they are accomplishing the tasks assigned in their Agendas!
  • I am happy to welcome students to my class in the after-hours of school, so that they can catch up on work, or simply revel in the work-oriented atmosphere I foster here. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday until 5pm they can help me keep the room in top-form, catch up on an activity they missed, or get ahead with independent reading! I keep the AC running :-)
  • Please encourage your scholars for the challenging work they are doing in the classroom! All the positive energy and will goes far in creating a classroom environment I prepare with the best lesson plans and curriculum for their success!
  • As a general note, strive to encourage your students to be timely, going from one class to the next without delay; being prepared - having the proper notebook, workbook, pen, and highlighter (if you can!), and always be respectful of all scholars and adults on campus at all times!
  • For those of you who I haven't been able to reach, I apologize! I'm on my way to introducing my self to every one of you. It is a great pleasure and honor to be responsible for your scholars success.
  • I'm sure I missed something, but safe to say I appreciate all those who reach out and provide a helping hand. Critical information goes out on the weekly to parents for opportunities to chip in and volunteer for the success of our students!

Give me a shout!

  • I'm working on having a phone-friendly and website-friendly contact information. I introduced my self to those of you who received and returned a signed syllabus. Thank you for this, and I am truly happy to serve your scholar at this critical moment in his or her career!
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