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Second Grade

What's happening this week...

Reading- Our story this week is Life Cycle of a Pumpkin. Please read this every night. We are taking our Star tests this week and I will have those results and new dot colors ready for students to check out on Friday. Once they have their new dots I am going to have students checking out nonfiction books along with their chapter books and picture books. I would like to see them taking a test over a picture book and nonfiction book each week and as often as possible on a chapter book. I am going to start to choosing AR books from the library for students to help with improving reading and stamina.

Language Arts- Our spelling pattern this week will focus on words that have the short oo sound, as in pull and book. We are continuing to learn all about adjectives. Last week we concentrated on adjectives and our five senses. This week we will look at adjectives that can describe how many and what kind. It is very important that students can identify what noun the adjectives are describing as well.

Math-- Last week week we began our timed tests over -2's and the 100 addition problems on the reversed side. I do not give both timed tests on the same day. They did very, very well overall on the subtraction! However some of us did not do well on the addition. I cannot stress enough how important it is to be fluent in their math facts. Next year they will be expected to become fluent in multiplication facts. Our unit over triple digit addition is going very well. Students are rocking the concept of regrouping tens AND ones. I am very proud of them. The only mistakes I see are those that still have issues with their math facts. We will have a our Math Test on TUESDAY, January 20th.

Social Studies/Science-- Woo Hoo! Oglethorpe and Savannah rock! We have learned so much about how and why the settlers came to Georgia. Now to find out how and what they do once they get here. I took them on a virtual field trip of Savannah to look at the squares, and the historical markers of the landing of the settlers and the grave site of Tomochichi. They loved seeing the cobble stone streets and how the wall behind River Street is the bluff in Yamacraw Bluff we have been referring to.

Rock Star of the Week 1-5-15

Jack Carter

Rock Star of the Wekk 1-12-15

Pressley Adams

Panther of the Month -December Bella DeLoach

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Upcoming Events

No School

There will be no school on January 19th in observation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.


I will be sending out a Volunteer Spot to sign up for February Conferences. Please contact me a soon as possible if the dates I send out will not work for you so we may schedule a different time or a phone conference.

Hoops for Heart

Peachtree Academy will be participating in Hoops for Heart, Jan. 20 - Feb. 13. It is a fund raiser for the American Heart Association. An assembly will be held January 20th at 2:00pm to kick-off this event. Hoops for Heart is a fun event where students can play basketball while learning about their heart and how to keep it healthy as well as raise money for the American Heart Association.
Additional information to follow.

Support Our Girl Scouts!!!

Hello & Happy New Year to our Peachtree Academy Family from Girl Scout Troop 13354!

It is officially Cookie season and our troop goal is to sell 2,000 boxes. With the funds our troop will earn from cookie sales, the girls have discussed that they would like to do the following service project(s) – buying/donating books to schools/organizations that really need books to allow more children to read, buying/providing coats to organizations that service and work with children, and/or buy/donate food to organizations that prepare/provide meals.

With your order, you can help these scouts reach their individual & troop goal. Your orders will be equally split among all girls in the troop

Please send your order to

Cookie cost per box - $4.00
There are two new cookies this season (Rah Rah Raisin & Toffe-tastic). Toffee-tastic is a gluten-free cookie that is limited supply and this cookie is $6.00 per box.

Cookies will return to the troop on 02/14 & 02/15, and we will schedule delivery of your cookies to you upon arrival.

Thank you again for helping our Daisy & Brownie Girl Scouts reach their 2015 goal.
Girl Scout Troop 13354 (girls grade K-3rd)

In Case of Winter Weather

Please be advised that we have built 4 Inclement Weather days into the calendar.

#1 Friday 2/13/15
#2 Monday 2/16/15
#3 Tuesday 2/17/15
#4 Wednesday 2/18/15

These days will be used to make up any days missed due to inclement weather. Days 2 through 4 are part of the scheduled Winter Break for students.