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Zeta Chi - Delta Tau Delta - Summer 2014 Edition

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Zeta Chi Accepts its 9th Hugh Shields Designation

Zeta Chi accepted its 9th Hugh Shields Award on March 9th, 2014. Extreme winter weather caused the Southern Division Conference to be cancelled and a "Regional Meeting" was held in the Southern Miss Payne Center with brothers from Southeastern Lousiana University and the University of Alabama.

With one additional Hugh Shields Award, Zeta Chi will retire its 2nd flag.

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Cystic Fibrosis

This year Zeta Chi partnered with the ladies of Pi Beta Phi and the Southern Miss Chapter of the American Student Medical Association (AMSA) on March 22, 2014 to host the 1st annual 5k run for Cystic Fibrosis. Over 60 runners participated. Through the intensive letter writing campaign, silent auction, and corporate sponsors, over $23,000 dollars was raised. The 5k Run will continue as Zeta Chi's exclusive philanthropic event in the fight for a cure to Cystic Fibrosis.
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On May 3rd, 2014 Zeta Chi initiated Yanni Baroy (pictured left with big brother Jarrett Faulkner). Yanni became a member of the Southern Miss family spring semester 2014 after graduating from a Department of Defense High School in Japan. He is a nursing major and hopes to one day work as a nurse practitioner in California. Yanni reflects "My favorite part about joining Delt was probably meeting everyone in the chapter, from the actives to the alumni. We have such a diverse chapter yet we find common grounds as brothers. Becoming a Delt is definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life".

Delta Delta Delta Triple Play

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On March 29, 2014 Zeta Chi placed 2nd in the Fraternity division of Delta Delta Delta's Triple Play, benefiting St. Jude.

2014 Executive Officers

Jose Alvarado


Ryan Lehman

Vice President

Ryan Haralson


Ryan Domiano

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Ashton Swartzfager


Jarrett Faulkner

Sargeant At Arms

Jacob Fitzgerald


Jarred Tramell

Vice President of Recruitment

Spring 2014 Graduates

Zeta Chi Alumni accepts Distinguished Service Chapter Citation

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Delta Tau Delta Fraternity presented the Distinguished Service Chapter Citation to W. Charles Johnson, Jr at the 92nd Karnea in New Orleans on July 26, 2014.

The Distinguished Service Chapter Citation is Delta Tau Delta's highest service honor. Men who have been Delt Alumni for more than 20 years and who have contributed significantly to the Fraternity and served Delta Tau Delta beyond their own chapter are eligible. Since 1930, only 434 citations have been given.

Brother Johnson's resume is filled with achievements including serving twice as treasurer of Zeta Chi, as a colony chapter advisor, as the eight time Karnea Sergeant at Arms, and currently as a chairman of the Audit and Finance Committee. His citation, in part, reads "Charlie serves where and when the Fraternity needs him, always making a difference to her betterment. He has given much while expecting nothing but results in return. He epitomizes life-long service, loyalty and love"

Did You Know?

The Zeta Chi Scholarship Program awards more than $2,000 annually, through the Southern Miss Foundation, to outstanding undergraduate Delts based on Academic Achievement and Chapter Leadership. These scholarships are endowed.

The Zeta Chi Development Fund, when possible, provides funds to assist undergraduate brothers attendance of Conferences, Karnea, and yearly leadership programs offerend by the national fraternity. However, we need your help. These funds are not endowed, meaning the future of this assistance relies on gifts to the Development Fund and the success of other fundraising efforts.

Are you interested in sustaining and growing these opportunities or creating new ones?

Contact Sid Gonsoulin. All gifts are tax deductible.

2014 Award Recipients

Tom Wheeler Scholarship: Awarded to the big brother / little brother combination having the highest Fall semester GPA


Jacob Fail (big brother)

Michael McCarty (little brother)

Stephen Richards Scholarship: Awarded to brothers both Fall and Spring semesters, with the most improved GPA above and below a 3.0


Austen Hughes (most improved above 3.0)

Jacob Fitzgerald (most improved below 3.0)

"Live of Excellence" Scholarship: Awarded based on recruitment applications and exceptional performance during the new member process.


Yanni Baroy

Corey Switzer

Michael McCarty

Sid and Joni Gonsoulin "Big Brother / Little Brother" Scholarship: Awarded based on 5 categories encompassing all facets of personal and fraternity leadership.


Tyler Albin (Big Brother)

Jacob Fitzgerald (Little Brother)

Stephen Richards celebrates 50 years!

As some of you may know, Brother Stephen Richards celebrated 50 years this Spring. Alumni and undergraduates spanning several generations gathered and held a "surprise" party for Brother Richards this Spring. We all look forward to many more!

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From The Desk of The President

When I started at Southern Miss in 2011, I had no idea what to expect. In a sense, I feared the new lifestyle and commitment I was making toward my college career. Meeting the Delts was somewhat overwhelming but within a few days I had already made new friends and wanted to be a part of this organization. I worked hard to become a member, see the ritual, and officially be able to call myself a Delt. I went on to hold several positions including honor board, social chair, and treasurer. It took a lot of thought for me to decide to run for President, but I know I made the right choice.

Being a Hugh Shields chapter right now of course means we have a lot of positive strengths. This year marked the 25th Anniversary of our fight to cure Cystic Fibrosis . Over the years we have helped raise over $500,000 to find a cure for the disease. We also continue the JDRF Sports Challenge to help the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in its fight to end Type 1 Diabetes. The Sports Challenge has proven to be a great way for Fraternities and Sororities to participate in friendly competition and help us raise money. A new strength Zeta Chi has discovered is recruitment. In the past it was a weakness due to the fact some members did not put in their best effort to meet new guys and bring them to the Shelter. However, this fall every active member is working hard to bring in new guys and in return, Zeta Chi is possibly looking at it’s largest class of new members in it’s 30 years of history.

Of course Zeta Chi is not a perfect chapter and has some weaknesses. Our membership numbers must increase due to financial and academic challenges faced by a number of members now suspended. This hurts but also gives the men of our chapter a reason to push harder in turning this chapter around with quality recruitment. As President, it is my duty to support and guide my fellow brothers who are studying and working hard to make their grades higher and remain financially accountable. Another weakness that is slowly becoming better is campus involvement. We are working hard to become better known on campus and with several members now joining more popular organizations at Southern Miss, this weakness will become a strength over time.

The direction the Southern Miss Delts are heading is straight on a path to greatness. Our brotherhood is stronger than in the recent past which gives everyone a reason to participate in events, pay dues, join committees, hold positions, and wear our letters with pride.

Being President has opened my eyes to so many things. I see the chapter and the Fraternity in such a different way. I love this Fraternity with all of my heart and am proud to call myself a Delt and the leader of such a great organization. I find myself laughing at times because I think of my freshman days being scared of what my college experience would bring me. When I finish my term as President and graduate, it remains my commitment to you to leave Zeta Chi better than I found it.

Jose Alvarado


Zeta Chi Chapter