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Technology Tools


Zaption is an interactive online video for education. Teachers can add images, text, quizzes and discussions to existing videos from YouTube, teacher created videos, or other video libraries to transform a video into an interactive learning experience. Teachers receive immediate feedback on student interaction and understanding.

Terms of Service-Under 18 need Parent Permission



District Parent Permission Form For Digital Tools

Google Cultural Institute

Google Cultural Institute Site

Explore world wonders, historic moments, and art projects from around the world in the Google Cultural Institute. You may take a walking tour or actually explore a museum as you discover cultural treasures from around the world. Teachers and students may also create their own gallery of significant content to present their collection. Walking tours are 360 degrees. Visit different locations of historical significance from around the world.

Google Add-Ons

Lucidchart Diagrams

LucidChart quickly adds a thinking map or flow chart to your Google Doc. It offers reals time collaboration and changes are synced instantaneously with an unlimited number of collaborators. Great for group projects or presentations or as a method for whole group collaboration in the classroom.


Kaizena Mini

Use the Google Doc Add On Kaizena mini to highlight and give audio feedback to students. Audio comments are an effective method of improving student performance when used as a formative assessment tool. Students are then able to revise during the process or add audio comments of their own. Kaizena is also an excellent tool for peer feedback and review. Students must use their account to access Kaizena.

Kaizena is also a Web 2.0 tool. Go to to use the full feature site.

Kaizena Mini Site

Technology Tips

Infinite Looper

Would you like to play a video on a loop? Try . Simply copy the URL of the YouTube video you would like to loop into the search bar to locate it and then click play. The video will play on a loop until you pause it or turn it off.

iPad Apps

Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice Site

Tell a story or show your learning by recording your voice and adding images.

Classroom Strategies


Microlabs are a unique discussion protocol that allows each student a voice and helps students develop listening skills. The microlab is set up in groups of three and allows for think time and three questions. Each person is allowed one uninterrupted minute to speak.

Google Chrome Extensions


Spelling and grammar check when writing within the Google Chrome browser.


Clearly removes ads from articles and webpages to make them easier to read without distractions. They may then be saved to Evernote to make them available to read anywhere.

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