Christmas Craft Morning

Thursday December 18th 2014

I am so excited for the Christmas Crafts, I really hope the kids will have a great time making such creative things for everyone back home :) What we have planned should be a lot of fun!

I did want to share with you all and have all parents aware that with my wedding right around the corner, next Wednesday will be my last day at school until January. Mrs. Weber is planning on being with the kindoes during our craft time and other teachers have volunteered to help transition students from place to place. Mrs. Gendall and Mrs. Helwig have gractiously given me some time to attend to last minute wedding details. Thank you all for understanding and the support I have been given (especially through prayer!) in this very exciting time.

Our class will have a Christmas Party Wednesday morning to celebrate all together :) I will be providing some breakfast goodies and fun treats to make it very special for all kids.

Thank you again!

Peace in Christ,

Ms. Belz