Challenge: Finding credible sources

Are you up for the challenge?

Okay students here is your time to see if you know how to find a credible sources! I will provide you with a topic and possible websites for you to find a credible source choose which one would be most credible/reliable and the answers will be revealed on the bottom of the page.

Here are your two topics: The Holocaust and The Cold War

Now which one of these sources would be most credible when trying to find information about the Holocaust.

Okay now which source would be LEAST credible?

An journal entry written by a Cold War soldier

An interview with a Cold War Veteran

A web-site from people in California giving information from what they believe happened during the Cold War

A book written by a Cold War General


Answer Key:

The first topic was the Holocaust and you were give 4 choices and you were asked to determine which one would be most credible. The answer was the second link: The book Night by Elie Wiesel. This would be most credible because it is a primary source and it is one hundred percent factual because he witnessed it. All the others are just peoples view point, even though it maybe true some details might be exaggerated or false.

The second topic was the Cold War and you were given 4 choices and you were asked to determine which one was NOT a credible source. The answer was the third one because the people giving the information might not know every detail the war and their information might not be valid. The other 3 choices would be primary sources making them more credible.