Principal's Weekly Newsletter


~ November 1st, 2020 ~

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Letter from the Principal

Dear Celtic Families and Friends,

This past week was packed with excitement! On Tuesday, HT hosted and competed in the TAPPS All-District One-Act competition, on Thursday we successfully closed out our Emergency Food Drive to help St. Vincent de Paul Service Center in Temple restock its food pantry which was devastated by a fire recently. Then on Friday we were able to bring all students onto campus to celebrate Halloween in the fun way we'd always done at Holy Trinity: with costumes and a costume contest at lunch.

School has been growing its In-person attendance as you all know. We have successfully shown that we can all be there, wearing masks and partnering together in our effort to mitigate our risk of exposure. We are so thrilled with how willingly and supportively everyone, students, parents, and faculty/staff alike, has joined in the effort of keeping Holy Trinity safe enough to keep our doors open to our students! We can't stop the virus. We can't pretend it's not there. We know it has affected some of our community and thankfully so far, that's all been 'outside' of school, and all those affected have had smooth, quick and full recoveries. Yet even with our increased in-person attendance, with masks and neurotically washing or sanitizing our hands every 2 minutes, we are not seeing ANY transmission in school. Almost all grades have made a transition back to full in-person attendance. Our Juniors are the last ones and we appreciate their patience so much! They will be called in asap - give us time to assess how this past week went and we'll then notify the junior students and families of when to start back full time.

Thanks to ALL OF YOU FOR HELPING MAKE THIS SO DOABLE! I appreciate you all so much!

And while we grow our in-school attendance, we respect that some families continue to choose Distance Learning for their students. We hope to soon be able to welcome all our kids back on campus but respect and protect those for whom this is not a safe option at this time.

I am going to print this again because it is the essence of who we are: We are blessed to belong to an amazing school family that has truly risen to the challenges imposed by Covid! The Faculty and Staff of HT thank our students, our parents, and our visitors for taking everyone's safety seriously and helping keep Holy Trinity safe.

As always, continue to wear your masks and clean your hands, and practice social distancing whether you're at school or out and about. We ask that you continue to hold our school, its families, its students and its staff in your prayers. We certainly hold you in ours!

~ Mrs. Brogan

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Wear your mask!

CDC information on Masks, Washing Hands, and Social Distancing.

Catholicism in the Time of Coronavirus - by Dr. Stephen Bullivant, with a Foreword by Bishop Robert Barron



November 1st - November 7th


Sunday, November 1st - Daylight Savings Time Ends

Monday, November 2nd - Blue on Campus

Tuesday, November 3rd - US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION - Blue on Campus

Wednesday, November 4th - Gold on Campus

Thursday, November 5th - Gold on Campus

Friday, November 6th - Blue on campus

Saturday, November 7th:

(*) Please see HTCHS Athletic Covid-19 protocols outlined below in this newsletter. The protocols can also be accessed on our website under the Athletics tab.


All Saints Day HD
Day Of The Dead (Dia de los Muertos) HD



The virtue of Prayerfulness is aligned with the Cardinal virtue of Justice.


Also known as: Mindfulness

Being still, listening, and being willing to talk to God as a friend


  • Folding my hands when I pray
  • Focusing on Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament
  • Looking at the priest during Mass
  • Kneeling in the pew
  • Closing your song book quietly


  • Silence
Virtue of the Week - Prayerfulness

What are the Christian Virtues?

What are the virtues of Christianity? A virtue is the habit of doing good, making it easy and delightful. A virtuous person is free! The Christian virtues give us freedom from being overpowered by temptations and our vices. Everyone is born with a capacity for virtue, but we need education and practice to attain the freedom, harmony, and balance of the virtuous, excellent human being. God gives us the theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity. These virtues adapt our finite human faculties for participation in the divine life, to be in relationship with God. The theological virtues infuse and give life to the four Cardinal virtues.

Click HERE to explore the virtue tree for definitions or select a virtue to learn more.

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St. Augustine’s Prayer for All Virtues

My God and my Lord, grant that my heart aspire to thee; that, aspiring to thee, it seek thee; that seeking thee, it may find thee; that, having found thee, it may love thee; and that its love for thee may produce sorrow, and sorrow pardon for all my sins; and, being once pardoned, grant, oh grant that I may never offend thee more. Grant me sorrow, my Lord and my God, for having sinned against thee: grant me contrition and gift of tears; and grant me that charity thee and towards the poor which may avail to cover the multitude of my sins.

O divine Sovereign, quench within me, I beseech thee, every impure passion and inclination; and kindle in my soul the holy fire of thy love. Drive far from me the spirit of pride; and grant me the grace of holy humility. Restrain, dear Saviour, I beseech thee, every violent out-burst of anger, and endow me with patience and gentle forbearance. Remove all sullen moroseness and captiousness from my mind; and give me that confiding kindness of heart, which may lead me to have a good opinion of all.

Grant, oh grant me, I implore thee, my dear Lord and loving Father, an immoveable faith, a strong hope, and a lasting charity.

O Thou who art the guardian of my life, save me from lightness and vanity of disposition; from uncertainty of mind; from a dissipated heart; from gluttony and sensuality; from backbiting, from curiosity, and from covetousness: keep me from all vain glory; from all hypocrisy; from all treacherous flattery of others; from avarice, envy, and blasphemy. Oh cleanse my nature from worldly anxiety, idleness, sloth, presumption, hardness of heart, and obstinacy; appease the violence of my temper; make my judgment ever yield to the dictates of reason; and my heart open to receive thy holy inspirations. Check the unruly freedom of my speech; let me never oppress the poor, never use violence towards the weak, nor calumniate even the wicked. Let me never neglect the salvation of those who are dependent upon me. Remove from my manner all bitterness and rudeness towards my servants: make me ever remember that their souls were the equals of mine when we came into this world, and that we shall be again equal after we shall have fulfilled our different parts in this fleeting life. Let my friends never have cause to complain of my untruthfulness; and may none ever perceive arrogance in my conduct towards them.

Thus, O my God I beseech thee by thy tender love for us; by the merits of thy beloved Son, I thus implore thee to enable me to fulfill all the corporal and spiritual works of mercy which thou mayest demand of me. Let me comfort the sorrowful, instruct the ignorant, relieve the poor, visit and cheer the suffering and those who are sick at heart: may I willingly forgive injuries, bear wrongs patiently, love those who hate, and do good to those who injure me. Let me not despise any one, but respect all; imitate the good, and avoid the wicked. Let me love virtue as much as I abhor vice.

O my Lord, may thy grace uphold me in sorrow, and restrain me in joy; may it teach it me to despise the fleeting interests of this life; and in all things, and above all things, may it prompt me fervently to aspire to the everlasting bliss of heaven, through Jesus my Lord and Saviour, who, with thee and the Holy Ghost, liveth and reigneth for ever.




~ Last week at a glance ~


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St.Vincent de Paul food drive was a huge success!

Thank you to all the families and students who donated food and/or money for our Emergency Food Drive in support of St.Vincent De Paul's Food Pantry! We collected about 1,000 pounds of food! In addition, students painted almost 20 posters for St. Vincent with messages of hope and encouragement! Thank you Holy Trinity Families! You are such a blessing!


On Tuesday, all students were online while the theatre students were competing in the One-Act All District competition, hosted this year on our campus. In all, 7 schools competed and in an all-day event, each school had its scheduled time to perform their One-Act in front of the judges.

Holy Trinity students performed mid afternoon, around 3pm and gave an amazing performance. If you had a chance to come watch their shows over the weekend, you saw them put on a remarkable performance. At the competition, they took care of any issues they noted over the weekend and put all their energy on those improvements, and it showed. Their performance was out of this world, and the judge herself said she had so little constructive criticism because she was transfixed by the performance and its extraordinary delivery. She had almost no corrections to offer the actors, only praise and admiration. And that evening, when the results were given, Holy Trinity's performance of "Cagebirds" by David Campton was declared the top performance. HT won the All-District competition, and are now State bound. Congratulations to all the performers, and to Ms. Snyder and Mr. Mosmeyer for their fantastic directing! We are so proud of you all!

The awards were as follows:

Best Actress - Theresa Lindberg
All star cast - Nathaniel Enriquez, Faithann Go, Chrysanthe Nikolaidis
All star crew - Zachary Boor

Honorable mention cast - Isabelle Kurriger, Cate, Barkis


TAPPS STATE COMPETITION: November 16th-17th.

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And a special thanks to all those who helped put this show together.

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congratulations Ms. Snyder and all the actors, and good luck at State!


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Thank you to all who serve and who through their ministry enable us to celebrate Mass each week!

Friday: Adoration

While Friday was a special day for our students because of our Halloween Costume Contest, it was also our Friday Eucharistic Adoration in the Holy Trinity gymnasium. What a blessing to have all our students gathered together to show their reverence for Jesus fully present in the holy Eucharist during Friday's Adoration!
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Friday was also the first day senior Nick S. joined Holy Trinity in person!

Nick and his family moved here from Pennsylvania. Their move kept getting delayed so Nick started the year online. It's hard to imagine joining a new school and making new friends - all online. Nick had never even set foot on our campus. But his family finally made it to Texas and Nick came in, not missing a beat, dressed up for Halloween, in the one disguise that requires a mask - a medic! Welcome Nick and all your family!
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It was so great to all be together, if only for a day, to show off the fun we have at HT. Students came dressed in all sorts of costumes, strictly adhering to our guidelines of course! Some were dressed as well known characters, others were 'the color red' or just 'a cool person' or 'an artist'. Any pretext to wear something fun, to break up the misery of the pandemic, was welcome and encouraged! And the students rose to the occasion.
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Thanks to Rose Jolly, we had our first Sweet Monday turned into a Sweet Halloween Friday! We had been missing this Holy Trinity tradition, and Mrs. Jolly, with the support of Mellanye Eichelkraut, rallied the parents together to bake and prepare an assortment of treats for the students. And parents responded generously to the call - the Sweet Friday table was covered with delicious fudge, brownies, cookies, halloween shaped treats of all kinds, and of course a delicious bowl of fruit. Our new students had never experienced a 'Sweet Day' and were treated to one of the best ones we've had in a while. Thank you Mrs. Jolly and Mrs. Eichelkraut! Your enthusiasm and love for our kids is so appreciated. And your costumes were pretty fab too! :)
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Friday was our annual Halloween costume day and contest at lunch time.

Student Council, led by StCo president Paloma N. (C' of 21), planned and prepared and put together an amazing lunch and contest in the gym. They spent hours decorating, setting down the carpets, and getting the prizes all lined up. It was such a great way for the students to celebrate all being in school together! And thank you for finding time to serve pizza in the middle of all this other planning! Thank you Student Council, and thank you Paloma!

And thank you then to the students who stayed late after the celebration to clean up and roll the carpets back up! You showed a willingness to serve that is truly the profile of a Holy Trinity student. Thank you!

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Prizes were given to the best male and female costume in each grade, then to the best group costumes.

Our three judges, Pete and Virginia Mungia, and Coach Shelton, got a kick out of all the contestants, and had to choose the best for each grade level. They ended up also giving out honorable mentions, to give a shout out to all the great costumes they saw.
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congrtulations to Nathaniel Enriquez!

He has been accepted to the University of Mary Hardin Baylor.

Congratulations to Rachel Heifrin!

She has been accepted to LeTourneau University. LeTourneau University has offered her an academic scholarship of $20,000 per year totaling $80,000 for four years.

Congratulations to Nelle Summers!

She has been accepted to Northern Arizona University.

Congratulations to Jencie Tomasek!

She has been accepted to the University of North Texas.
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Catholic Life Insurance Scholarship


Please see attached file about the All American Scholarship that Catholic Life Insurance is offering. If you are not currently a member of Catholic Life Insurance, you might want to find out how to become a member so that you can apply for the scholarship. The deadline to apply is March 1, 2021, which should give you time to find out about Catholic Life Insurance. We have had students in the past who received the scholarship.

Cheryl Sanders, Counselor

Texas Colleges and Financial Aid Calendar Booklet

Click below to access the Compendium of Texas Colleges and Financial Aid Calendar for High School Seniors. The booklet contains information about all the colleges in Texas with application deadlines, financial aid deadlines, admission tips, and various other information.

Texas Colleges and Financial Aid Calendar Booklet

Virtual Christian College Fairs beginning Nov. 5th.

We have an exciting slate of virtual events for your college-bound students! Check out the entire list online.

These are free, informative and designed with students in mind. Whether they are looking for a college in a certain geographical region, programs focused on specific student groups such as first generation, or an intended major, there is an event for them. This extensive list includes 45 options to choose from. Colleges will have virtual booths on display highlighting the best they have to offer while also having subject-matter experts available in the live chat.

This slate of events will run from November 9–February 18. We even have an event specifically for parents on November 11. In addition to the college booths, there will be a series of 13 webinars addressing overarching topics such as paying for college, helping student-athletes get recruited and essay writing advice from The College Essay Guy. On February 1, we will have a panel of college students available to answer any question on what college life is "really like."

We hope you will help us promote these events. Our first virtual event is still live until November 5. Be sure to check out 125 college booths NOW through November 6.


CLICK HERE TO ORDER A FREE COPY OF 'THE GUIDE', your guide to Christian Colleges & Universities.

Please contact if you have any questions.


BigSun Scholarship for 2021


If you are participating in a sport, please see below about a scholarship opportunity. I encourage you to apply.

Cheryl Sanders

Holy Trinity Catholic High School

BigSun Scholarship

The BigSun Organization is proud to be able to continue to help young athletes succeed in their academic pursuits. We are offering an annual scholarship to a deserving student. All student athletes are eligible for this award, regardless of which sport they are participating in. Their participation may be in any capacity, whether as a player, coach or official.

Deadline - June 19, 2021

Amount of Award - $500.00

The successful applicant will be a high school senior or be attending a post secondary institute and currently involved in some sport at that institution or in the community..

Please visit our website at to learn how to apply.

This scholarship has been listed with FastWeb

We recognize that each school will have the responsibility for scholarships assigned to different staff positions so we are giving this notice a wide distribution to ensure that each school receives fair notice. Please note that at no time will any student or other individual be asked for a fee of any description for any service.

Norm Fielder




Join the Spirit Squad!

Spirit Squad president Abby C. (C' of '23) invites students interested in creating a spirit filled atmosphere at HT to join the Squad. They help plan fun events for all of HT, and create awesome banners and posters to hang around the school ahead of school events. Show your school spirit by coming out to help. We need all the Spirit we can to show Covid we're stronger than it! Information at the front counter.


Holy Trinity is partnering with Home Town Ticketing to make tickets available for pre-purchase via our Online Ticket link. Find the link at the top of our Homepage, or on our Athletics page.

Support Holy Trinity and purchase tickets ahead of a game. We'll be able to scan your ticket directly from your smart phone. See you at the game!

Protocols for athletic games

Please be aware that our Athletic Director, Coach Shelton, is working hard to keep all our athletes and supporters safe during home and away games. Attached are protocols that he is enforcing for our HOME Football games, and for our HOME Volleball games.

If you are planning on attending any of our games, please take the time to familiarize yourselves with our protocols so that you know what to expect when you attend a game.

Please note that likewise, games held 'away' will be subject to similar protocols that we, as guests of the hosting school, will require our athletes, coaches, and attending parents to respect and adhere to. The Holy Trinity Home Game Protocols are posted on our website and you can access them by clicking on the links below.







If you know your child will be absent for any reason please be sure you notify Mrs. Mungia ( She is your primary contact for anything related to Attendance. You may email her about an absence and this will work as notification.

Likewise, if your child is unable to connect to their class for any reason, please let Mrs. Mungia know so she can notify the teachers. Your email serves as a time-stamp re: notification and she will log your email in her Attendance correspondence.

Snack Bar cards now available

You can purchase a Snack Bar card for your student. They're $20 each and are kept at the snack bar. Students can walk up to the snackbar and get a drink or snack and it's deducted on the card. They don't have to worry about forgetting to have $$ in their pockets.

Contact Mrs. Mungia to purchase one. They are added to your FACTS payment.

NB: You cannot buy Friday pizza with the card - for that you do need to have dollar bills in your pocket.

Walden Library info

Librarian Hours: Thursdays & Fridays: 100 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Self-Check-Out Log: Self-checkout clipboard on the front desk. When Mrs. Ciupek is in the Library, she will provide “auto-scan” services.

• In-Library Policy: max 5 students in the Library at any one time, and social distancing.

All-Distance Students (non-campus): DL students may select books or other items directly from the library catalogue:

For more information, contact Mrs. Ciupek at


In the Community

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