WC Cyber Program Newsletter

November 2021

Greetings from Dr. Barnello

I hope you are all enjoying the fall season – it is my favorite season of the year! As we begin Marking Period 2, this is a great opportunity to offer a few reminders:

  • Our WC Cyber Center is OPEN! Students can sign up to work with Ms. Sammarone or other students (ex: group projects, study sessions), via the Calendly link located in their Schoology Homeroom course.

  • Students in the WC Cyber Program are strongly encouraged to be active members of their school community through clubs, activities, and athletics. For information on how to get involved at your school, please contact the athletic and activities director at your home building.

  • Parents have access to Schoology through their own parent access code. This allows you to see your child’s work, upcoming assignments, and feedback from the teachers. If you need your Schoology Parent Access Code, please contact Ms. Sammarone.

  • Fall Conferences are coming up! Our grade-level team leaders will be contacting families that are being invited to a conference. Conferences are NOT required for all students.

~Dr. Barnello

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WC Cyber Speaker Series

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Counselor's Corner - Problem Solving

Kids who feel overwhelmed or hopeless often won't attempt to address a problem. But when you give them a clear formula for solving problems, they'll feel more confident in their ability to try. Here are the steps to problem-solving:

  1. Identify the problem. Just stating the problem out loud can make a big difference for kids who are feeling stuck. Help your child state the problem, such as, "You aren't sure if you should take the advanced math class."
  2. Develop at least five possible solutions. Brainstorm possible ways to solve the problem. Emphasize that all the solutions don't necessarily need to be good ideas (at least not at this point). Help your child develop solutions if they are struggling to come up with ideas. Even a far-fetched idea is a possible solution in this context. The key is to help them see that with a little creativity, they can find many different potential solutions.
  3. Identify the pros and cons of each solution. Help your child identify likely positive and negative consequences for each potential solution they identified.
  4. Select a solution. Once your child has evaluated the possible positive and negative outcomes, encourage them to pick a solution.
  5. Test it out. Tell them to try a solution and see what happens. If it doesn't work out, they can always try another solution from the list that they developed in step two.

If your child could use more support in this area, please contact their counselor:

6th Grade: Carol DeMarco

7th Grade: Heather Selgrath

8th Grade: Malina Bowen

Dr. Steve Werner

Assistant Director of Pupil Services

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Support for General Help Desk, Schoology, FAQs, 1:1 Devices, and Parent Portal.You may also contact your school's support desk. Those emails are listed in the announcements in Cyber Homeroom (top of the page).

WC Speaker Series

Monday, Nov. 15th, 11am

This is an online event.

Fall Conferences

Tuesday, Nov. 23rd, 12pm

This is an online event.

Families will be invited to a conference by the grade-level team leader.

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Wednesday, Nov. 24th, 7am

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Thursday, Nov. 25th, 7am

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Friday, Nov. 26th, 7am

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