NSEW 2014 Essay Contest Winners

"The Importance of a Part-Time Job"

Essay Competition

Every year, National Student Employment Week and UIC hold an essay contest for students to submit a 500 word essay on the "Importance of a Part-time Job" and how their position has impacted their lives. We are happy to announce the winner of this year's essay contest!

2014 Essay Winners!

1. Katherine Blachut

Student at the Liberal Arts and Sciences

"A part-time job should be experienced by everyone during their course of earning an education…I understand that some students may not want a part-time job because it seems overwhelming, especially with a school work overload. However, a part-time job will teach you valuable lessons

about life, time management and money-saving techniques."

2. Bryan Clifford Wilson

Student at The College of Engineering

"For some, a part-time job is the Friday nights money they need to divert their attention from the looming career decision doomsday at hand. I believe that holding a part-time position and understanding who I am in the workplace, as well as my capacity for human connection and professional communication has made me the person I am today and the engineer I will be tomorrow."

3. Gabriel Julian Manalansan

Student at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

" The Importance of a part-time job is that it allows you to determine if they have an interest in a particular field...No matter how small the exposure may be, the experience you gain from working a part-time job might be more valuable that what you learn in school. It may not just inspire you,

but also allow you to be more marketable and make

connections to people who can help you succeed."

4. Diego Sanchez Diaz

"Up until a year ago, I was unable to legally work in the United States…While being able to work may sound trivial to some, it has changed my life…It's this part-time job that has given mr hope. It's hope of a career after college while never forgetting the initial opportunities and experiences that got me there. You have to seize every opportunity you have and value it forever."

5. Ayah M. Chehade

Student at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

"I am so grateful to hold this position as a part-time teacher because it has been an institution of growth for me as well. It has also opened my eyes to the tremendous influence one word or kind action can have on the life of a child as well as all those we cross path with…My part-time job has inspired me

to always see the value un seemingly small but very sincere efforts

and the massive impact they can have."

National Student Employment Week

Every year, the National Student Employment Association (NSEA) declares the second full week in April to be National Student Employment Week (NSEW). It was established to recognize students as employees during their college career. This year it will be held April 14–18, 2014. The UIC Student Employment Office will be sponsoring free activities throughout the week including an essay contest, trivia, penny and crossword contests, daily random drawings and career development workshops for students to attend.