Anthony S. Dapper

teacher's assistant

Personal Statement


Personal Statement

I’m a hands-on type of person. My hands have done some things most fourteen or fifteen year old's don’t get a chance to do. This past summer, I helped build fifteen sheds. It was unbelievably hot. I must have sweated fifteen gallons or more. It was hard work, but I was really good at it. My grandfather said, “Great job on the sheds.” This is how I found out that I’d like to be a construction worker. I played baseball for nine and a half years, and I also wrestled for a year, but I broke my collar bone and couldn't wrestle again.

I can also organize things for you. I can file papers digitally using Microsoft Word, using bookmarks and organizing web documents. I’m also very good at filing papers with folders- old-school style. As well as these things, I’m also great with PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, and Movie Maker. If that’s not good enough for you, I make a mean coffee and London broil.

As you can see I’m very qualified for many things.



Harry F. Byrd Middle School


Skipwith Elementary School



School Safety | Skipwith Elementary

8/05/09 – 6/15/10

Helping younger students get to class


filing, organizing, technology


C.A.P (Civil Air Patrol), Skateboard

More About Me

I am a G.F.X artist. (G.F.X stands for Graphic Effects.)

Contact my teacher below if you'd like to see my work.

I also play instruments like, Drums, piano, and an acoustic guitar.

I play baseball and have excellent eye/hand coordination.


Shannon Hyman

(804) 750-2630

Lee Gotschalk

Work Experience Journal

12/21/12 I have prepared for my work experience by writing my Personal Statement and Resume, and learning the difference between the two.

1-9-13 I've learned to not to doubt myself. I feel this way because its one of my new motivational sayings. People sometimes see me in a better way than I see myself. Now, I'm starting to believe I am great too.

1/25/13 absent

2-6-13 Today I gave back papers to other students in Mrs. Toys class and cut strips of paper for her too.

2-15-13 absent

2-22-13 I learned how to use a laminator and a printer today and learned where the teachers' mail boxes are.

2-24-13 absent

2-27-13 I copied and printed 120 pages for Mrs. Toy today. It was fun to do but the printer ran out of paper in tray 3 and another teacher showed me how to refill it.

3-1-13 I made a Word Document for note cards Mrs.Toy's math class and finished cutting laminated paper . I'm assigned to three other science teachers.

3-8-13 Today i made 120 copies for Mrs. Toy. 60 in yellow and 60 in green. later i delivered a sheet of paper to one of her students taking a test. after that i lamented the 60 yellow sheets of paper. then once i was done lamenting i cleaned out a bowl with magnesium in it.

3-13-13 today i delivered test sheets to other teachers for Mrs. Smith.

3-15-13 today i installed apps for the iPods in Mrs. Toy's room.

3-20-13 today i cut out strips for Mrs. Smith's class

3-22-13 today i laminated the paper strips for Mrs. Smith

4-10-13 today i filed papers for Mr. Golding

4-12-13 today i laminated papers for Mrs. Smith's class and cut them out.

4-17-13 today i helped Mrs. Toy's science class out side with a lab.

4-19-13 today i copied and laminated papers for Mrs. Toy and later cut them out.

4-24-13 today I Filed more papers for Mr. Golding

4-26-13 Today I finished cutting out laminated paper cards for Mrs. Toy's class

4-29-13 today i helped scrape off tape from the desk lockers in Mr. Timok's class room

5-1-13 today i helped scrape off masking tape off the door to Mr. Timok's room

5-6-13 absent

5-8-13 today i colored in white and yellow strips for Mrs. Toy and help set up a lab

5-10-13 today i caught up on some work so i don't fail for the year

5-15-13 today i'm still catching up on work so i don't fail this school year

5-17-13 again i caught up on school work

5-31-13 today i helped out Miss. Richards pack up and file things for her.

Contact Information

For more information please contact Bruce Timok, Byrd Middle School EFE Teacher


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