Breeze Hill Weekly Update

March 10, 2023

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Spring Forward Your Clocks

This Sunday we will be advancing our clocks 1 hour ahead. Please ensure that you advance your clocks so that everyone can be at school on time Monday morning.

Attendance Update through the Month of February

Breeze Hill Families,

As you know, attendance is a critical and key component to a students success at school. Missing only 2 days of school each month totals 18 days equaling 10% of the school year. Kindergarten students who are chronically absent have a 61% chance of being held back for reading below grade level in third grade. Kindergarten and First-Grade students who are chronically absent have an 81% chance of reading below grade level in third grade. In Fourth-Grade, chronically absent students score an average of 12 or more lower on state tests than students who show good attendance. Research shows that students who attend school regularly are able to learn more, have fewer discipline problems, develop better study habits, and often are more successful than students who do not. Below you will see the overall attendance for each of our grade levels. Our goal is for 96% attendance. We hope that you will be able to support us in ensuring that students are at school. Thank you.

TK - 90.6%

Kinder - 89.9%

1st Grade - 91.9%

2nd Grade - 91.4%

3rd Grade - 92.9%

4th Grade - 92.9%

5th Grade - 92.9%

Overall - 91.74%

Family Literacy Night Success!

We want to thank all our families and students that attended our Family Literacy Night on Thursday! It was an amazing event with lots of fun activities for students to engage in as well as resources for families. A special thank you to Ms. Cullinan and Mrs. Mathos for putting together a wonderful event. Thank you to all the parent and staff volunteers that also gave their time to make this event special. We are looking forward to our next event in the next couple of months.