Nelson Crabb

By Gretchen G.

Mayor Crabb

I did research on Mayor Nelson Crabb. He is mayor of Clear Lake. He was chair of the Clear Lake parks and recreation board before becoming Mayor.He was Mayor from 1/1/2006 untill now. He is in his 2nd term. Each term is 4 years. This is his 9th year being Mayor. He is CEO of clear lake. Nelson is chair of the city council. He also watches over all departments of the city. He represents Clear Lake,IA. He is in office because the people of Clear Lake voted for him and he ran for office. He goes to Washington,D.C. to talk with the representatives and senators about special projects. Mayor Crabb tries to got more businesses to come to Clear Lake. He encourages tourists to come to Clear Lake. Those are some things I learned about the Mayor Nelson Crabb.