Happy love month Foxes!

Can you believe we're already in our second month of 2016?!

With a fresh, new month upon us, NOW is the perfect time to re-focus your energy, set your GOALS, and get PUMPED about all the amazing opportunities February brings to you + your business! (Read on for all the funzies!)

A special CONGRATULATIONS to every single one of you who joined the #FIRSTSALECLUB in January and worked your business - we can't wait to celebrate with you when you snag your first sale again this month! To those of you who took a little nap in January (holiday hangover perhaps?) NOW is the PERFECT time to put a spring in your step + start working towards your #MyBigPicture Goals for 2016! Download, print out, and complete your #MyBigPicture Worksheet here: https://community.chloeandisabel.com/docs/DOC-1943

Make this the month you FALL IN LOVE with C+I all over again + SHOW SOME LOVE to yourself, your customers, and your biggest supporters!

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Say HELLO to February's SPREAD THE LOVE Challenge!

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Every Monday in February, I will be announcing totally DO-ABLE 'weekly tasks' to help YOU show some LOVE to your business, to yourself, and to your fellow Foxy teammates!


For each task you complete, you'll earn 'HEARTS'

At the end of every week, I'll announce a WINNER!

(The lady with the most 'Hearts' earned during the week, will win a PRIZE!)

WIN THE GRAND PRIZE: The Foxy lady with the MOST 'Hearts' earned by the end of February, will WIN a Pretty Pampering Prize Pack! 'Cause after all that hard work, you deserve it!

>>>> How to earn 'HEARTS' this week: February 1st - 7th <<<<

A. Book a Touch Base Call (or FB Chat) with me! = 20 Hearts

B. SHOUT OUT your February GOAL on our Team Page! = 15 Hearts

C. Book your February Pop-ups! = 15 Hearts (for every Pop-up Booked!)

D. Update your Online Boutique for Valentine's Day/Spring and post a screen shot to our Team Page = 10 Hearts

E. Join us for Tuesday's National Call = 5 Hearts

F. Buy your Spring 2016 Lookbooks = 5 Hearts

G. Post an inspirational quote, article, or tip to our Team Page = 5 Hearts


Be sure to post the Letter of your task (once completed) in the comments below the PINNED POST on our Team Facebook Page - That way I can hand out those HEARTS!


If you have any questions on this week's tasks, get stuck, or just want to chat, feel free to reach out anytime! I'm here + more than happy to help. You ladies are my 'WHY' and I want you all to know, you're oh so loved!





TOP TIP: I HIGHLY recommend + encourage each and every one of you to Host your own Spring Launch Pop-up Party! BOOK IT NOW + watch the magic happen. :)

BONUS: Create your own Online Spring Launch Pop-up as well (especially for all those out of town connections) and get them pumped over the weekend - by posting often + playing games. Do all this BEFORE the new collection launches on the 9th - that way, (come launch day) they'll be dying to have those new, sparkly jewels in their collection + will shop right away. ;)




Calling all Foxes who missed Tuesday's EPIC National Call!

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Survey says... Take your chance to WIN a prize!

Okay my Foxy friends, I need your opinion! Please complete this short 10 question survey BY SATURDAY 2/7, then be sure to join us for our Team Call (date TBD) to find out who won!!!


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GOOD LUCK, have FUN +‪ #‎BeFEARLESS‬ out there ladies! As always, I am here + happy to help you reach your goals + achieve your dreams. CHEERS to an amazing month!