By: Hailey

within a daydreem is a movie script

At first Steven was an average boy who played football and wrote stories until he was in 4th grade where he flunked out. He got back into 5th grade and stayed in school (even though he kept writing stories and day dreaming) he stayed in school until 10th grade where he flunked out an found out that he had dyslexia. And started writing movie scripts finally he moved to Hollywood and now is a professional director.


Rudy has a dream of going to Notre Dom so he got a local job that paid well. With the job he saved up and moved near Notre Dom his grades weren't good enough to get in at first he didn't get in so he needed to go to Holy Cross (a local community collage). There he got great grades and after freshman year he finally got in. he started to train and got on the foot ball team and in senior year he got to play on the field and then he made the last goal and was carried off the field.

Power of spirit

Elua dropped out of 8th grade with a dream to start a new hospital. This hospital helped support kids and adults who don't have health insurance. This will help them to get the necessary shots and the check ups they needed to go to school, and maintain a well balanced physical and mental health.

The Middle

A girl has to deal with bulling and adversity at school, so she writes a letter to Jimmy eats world. When they receive the letter they decide to write her a song called the middle this song supports anti-bulling. A phrases they use in the song is "don't write you self off yet" witch means it doesn't matter what everyone thinks about you. and that "it just takes some time".

eye of the tiger

this song was made for a movie about a guy who had to preserver, he did not have a lot of money so he had to lift logs to train. The other competitors had gyms, and other things to help them train for boxing.

Don't give in

a guy goes through a tuff day and wants to keep going. So he has to focus on the good things in life, not the bad things. He has to keep fighting and never stop till he wins