By Ema Arun


Kerala is state in the southern part of India. It's capital is Thiruvananthapuram(trivandrum) .In Kerala,the main seasons are summer and rainy due to which they have rich fertile soil.Agriculture is the main occupation. They celebrate all sorts of festivals without any discrimination of caste ,color or religion. The main festivals are onam,vishu,eid,christmas,new year eve, boat race and many more religious festivals.

Seasonal celebrations

As we all know, the celebrations of a region depends upon the season. Let us have a look at the celebrations during different seasons in Kerala:-

  • About food, there is no much of difference between the food preparations of different seasons
  • About songs, it is mostly related to harvest,rain,festivals.
  • About dances,it is almost the same as songs and the rest are traditional dances.


The main drink is usually the sweet water from the coconut. There is no much difference between the food preparations as i have said. Then about festivals, we have the onam. Related to onam, we have the dance called 'thiruvathira' and songs referred as 'ona pattu' meaning onam songs in Malayalam. We also have the Vishu,which is the Malayalam new year during which 'konna' flowers largely grow.

Rainy season

The rainy season in Kerala is the greatest treasure for the farmers. They welcome the rainy season with songs, dances and celebrations. They also have a festival in which they light fire to some houses on an open ground and the rain comes down and exhausts the fire.

Common festivals

The harvest festival is common during all seasons. The farmers happily harvest the rice, wheat and other grains that they had sown.

All the religious festivals are also common for all.

Commonalities with other regions of India

Kerala has got similarities with other regions in India as well. We can see fair similarities between the people of Kerala,Tamil Nadu and Karnataka(being the neighboring states) in their behavior and brotherhood.Also we can compare kerala with gujarat and punjab(these being agricultural states.

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