Apollo Moon Landing

By: Caylin Readus


  • This controversial event is about if the Apollo 11 Moon Landing in July 20,1969.
  • Astronauts: Neil A. Armstrong, Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., and Michael Collins
  • The controversy are the photos taking of the moon landing
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The release photos and videos of Apollo 11 that shows that maybe the moon landing was fake or hoax set up by the government and NASA. The photos made people second guess if we, the Americans, actually landing on the moon. Over years people want to know if the moon landing was fake or was it true?


Since the release of photos from the Apollo 11 Moon Landing in 1969, people started to question if the moon landing was fake. The president at the time, Richard Nixon, was there when the photos were release. After the Watergate scandal many Americans wouldn't put past Nixon to fake the moon landing. At the time with the Watergate scandal was view as the worst thing in the history of the United States of America.
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The media capitalize on the Watergate and started saying everything that has happen under Nixon was fake. Because the scandal it gave the people the ability to say the Apollo 11 Moon Landing was a hoax. Add in the photos to make the conspiracy more true than false. With Nixon under fire from Congress the media made Nixon the bad guy and saying under his ruler were not true. The media made this into a big deal because of the Watergate everything had got a negative impact and media start feeding to the people what they want. With hate n Nixon people didn't want to believe anything under Nixon was not accurate and falsely were show everything was great.
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This is historical criticism because this has happen back in the 1960s. At that time We land on the moon, Vietnam War, and later on the Watergate scandal. In historical criticism because the 60s is very famous for many things at the time. Yet, during this time a lot of negative has happen and the moon landing was the bright spot during the 1960s. After Watergate many people wonder if everything good under Nixon was a good thing?
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My View

My point of view is that the moon landing is really because you can't make a big deal about the moon landing then said it was fake. We were on our feet on the day when land on the moon before Russia. Then on the day when the Watergate scandal was discover and put under fire Richard Nixon. Nixon was turn into a bad guy, which he was a bad guy, and people started to turn on him and begin to said that things he had done were not great, they were horrible, and finally start to believe the moon landing was fake and the photos/videos didn't help the cause. Now, people start saying it was hoax, wasn't real, or it was a government cover up. The media can really changes someone mind from a positive to a negative.
Apollo moon landing fact or fiction


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