Character Sketch

from This is Where it Ends

By Hayden Kelly


Tomas, brother of Sylv, is an intelligent but reckless teenager. Although Tomas's past is nothing juvenile, he pulls off schemes such as looking through the principal's files to find his records. He pulls few pranks with his best friend Far, but otherwise stays in his position as a respectful student. His loyal sister, Sylv, and himself remain close through their family's struggle of poverty. Although they are protective of each other, Tomas stays in his role as more protective although he is the younger sibling. For example, in a scene in the novel This is Where it Ends, when a shooter enters the school and begins killing innocent teachers, Tomas hears the noise from a far and runs to protect Sylv.

"Two loud cracks tear through the air. The paperweight slips out of my hands, breaking into a thousand shards on the floor. 'What was that?'...We've spent time hunting with my granddad and my sister. We've watched plenty of movies. Far grew up in a war zone. We both know the sound of gunshots..." (Nijkamp 27). Tomas thinks quick, being immensely intelligent; he knows how to act quick and can handle any situation with maturity and respect. Willing to do anything to protect his mother and sister, he will pull any stunt no matter the risk.

Overall, Tomas's character is intelligent and respectful on the outside, but slightly troubled on the inside because of his past.

Example of what Tomas would look like:

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