Technology Bytes

September "Apptastict" Edition

Laptop Covers

Remember you are NOT to use any stick on laptop covers. The only allowable cover is the kind that actually snaps on and is plastic. If you have added a laptop cover that is sticky, please remove it from your school issued laptop.

Google Docs - Log Out!

Please remind students that before they quit Google Docs they MUST log out! Other students are having great difficulty trying to log into their accounts because students aren't logging out. Remember we share these devices. Please be courteous to the other users and make sure you are putting things back so they are ready for the next user. Thanks!

Book Me

It is now even easier to book time with me to come and help you with technology. If you visit the Book Me page on my school website, you can see the times and dates that I am available. Select a time you would by clicking on one of time buttons. You will have a short form to fill out to tell me what you would like help with and you automatically get scheduled on my calendar.

ThinkCentral Printing

ThinkCentral’s inability to print is by design, only PDF documents can be printed due to copyright protection.

Voice Typing in Google Docs

Recently, Joan Shanahan, shared a video she created to demonstrate a tool in Google Docs that might really benefit your students, especially if he/she has difficulty typing or writing a story or extended answers. Click on the link to see how easy it is to use this tool.

Voice Typing I also typed up directions if you prefer written directions.

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To prepare for units, appoLearning is incredible tool that makes it easy to find groups of free digital resources (by searching previously contributed collections and resources). You can also use appoLearning to collaborate with fellow teachers - both in and out of your school - to prepare these units. appoLearning has tons of FREE content and is all DIGITAL tools.

Google Apps that May Interest You

Google Keep - Google Keep is an excellent tool to use for creating digital sticky notes. You can use both text and images to capture and share your notes. You can also use it to create to-do lists and bookmark content from the web. Click the link and sign in with your Google Account. If you are an Apple Sticky Note user, Google Keep is the perfect replacement. You have access to to your notes even when you don't have your laptop with you.

Math Is Fun

Looking for some free math resources? This website has resources that cover topics such as: Algebra, Data, Geometry, Measurement, and Numbers. There are math puzzles and games. There is also a math dictionary and printable worksheets.

Epic! Epic! is an iPad app and a website that finds books for children ages 4-12. Create an account and you have access to their free books. You can create different reader profiles so students interests and books stay separate from others. The books are read outloud for students to follow along. As the teacher, you can see how many hours read, when was the last time students read on Epic, and view their reading long.