Rudolf Diesel- Diesel Engine

Anthony White

Rudolf Diesel

Born : March 18, 1858

Death : September 29, 1913

Rudolf was born in Paris, France at a young age he was exposed to mechanical arts. Both in his fathers workshop and the nearby conservatory. In 1870 the Diesel family moved to London because of the Anti-German sentiment during the Franco-Prussian War. After a month his father realized there was too many mouths to feed, so sent 12-year-old Rudolf to live with his uncle. When Rudolf was 14 he decided he wanted to be an inventor, at trade school he studied mathematics, Mechanical drawing and physics. He learned his life dreams would only come with hard work and understanding of science. When Rudolf finally became an inventor he created the diesel engine(named after him). For 10 years he worked on various heat engines even a solar-powered air engine. Like many inventors he had a lot of failures, he once tried to work on an ammonia engine but found it to hazardous. Even the smallest of leaks led to danger and risked nearby workers. The difficulty of adding heat (by combustion) while keeping a constant temperature did not make Rudolf give up. He was confident he could figure a way to do so. He finally accomplished this in 1897 creating a engine that had high thermal efficiency and low cost of fuel made it excel in the economy.