Winborn Eagle Eye

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Calendar for Thursday, 10/1 - Wednesday, 10/7

Thursday, 10/1 - Rotation Day 3; Wear Yellow or Orange for Wear Your Colors; CATCH Night 5:30-7pm

Friday, 10/2 - Rotation Day 0 Choir Rehearsal 7:15am; Drama Club 7:15am; Wear DWE Spirit Shirt; Volunteer Orientation 8:45am in the library; Early Dismissal

Monday, 10/5- Rotation Day 4; Challenge; Lego Club 3:45pm in the library

Tuesday, 10/6 - Rotation Day 5; Choir Rehearsal 7:15am; Challenge; Love & Logic Parent Training at Franz Elementary 9-10:30am; Eagle Drummers rehearsal 3:45-4:30pm; Eagle Drummers performance at Williamsburg Settlement Neighborhood Night Out 7pm

Wednesday, 10/7 - Rotation Day 6; Drama Club 3:45pm

CATCH Night - Thursday, 10/1 5:30-7pm

Who: Pre-K - 5th grade Winborn students and parents

Where: DWE Gym, Cafeteria, Library & Hallway

When: Thursday, October 1, 2015 5:30-7:00 p.m.

What: Activities for families such as: Beach Volleyball, Traversing Wall, Bowling, Putt Putt, Healthy Snack, Breakfast/Lunch Information, Walkers Way (pedometers), and more!

Students earn a SOAR ticket for attending and parents earn SOAR tickets (to give to their children) for participating in activities with their children.

Dress to participate safely.

(CATCH – Coordinated Approach To Child Health)

Free & Reduced Lunch Benefits

Below is the website to apply for free & reduced lunch.

If you need assistance with breakfast & lunch, please apply at the link above.

If you need additional information about applying for food service benefits, please contact me at 281-237-6656.

Fundraiser Orders are due Tuesday, October 6th!

Our fundraiser orders are due on Tuesday, October 6th. Delivery will be on Monday, November 2nd and you can pick up in the cafeteria from 4-6pm.

Cafeteria Visitors

The Katy ISD guidelines limit lunchroom visitors at the elementary level to parents or, with permission from a parent, the student's immediate family members or grandparents. Visits are limited to the 30 minute lunch period. Immediate family members are defined as the student's parents/step-parents, siblings, grandparents or any person residing in the home.

Parents are encouraged to limit their visits in the cafeteria in order to promote student independence and peer relationships. Campuses may choose to limit the number of visits to the cafeteria that a parent may make.

· During the first two weeks of school, the District asks that parents of kindergarteners not visit during lunch as students are learning independence with routines and procedures.

· Each visitor will need to bring a driver’s license or photo identification in order to be cleared to visit the cafeteria.

· Visitors or guests of the campus are expected to behave appropriately. Visitors have no authority to discipline children.

· Due to space and safety concerns, lunch visitors are restricted to parents/step-parents/guardians, non-school aged siblings, grandparents (with written permission from the parent) and campus mentors per GKC (REGULATION). Visitors do not include aunts, uncles, or neighbors.

· Lunch visitors are limited to three (3) guests per student per day except on days designated by the campus as a Special event. (i.e. Grandparent Day). Unusual circumstances may be approved/addressed by the principal.

· Special tables may be designated for visitors.

· Only students eating with eligible visitors may eat at the designated table.

· Parents should bring food for their children only.

· Visits at lunch are limited to the 30-minute lunch period. Parents should say their good-byes at the cafeteria door and return to the front office to exit the building. Visitors should not expect to follow students out to recess or back to the classrooms per GKC (REGULATION)

· Visitors who repeatedly disregard cafeteria expectations may lose the privilege of coming to the lunchroom.

· Parents are not allowed to remove their children from the cafeteria for any reason without permission from a staff member on duty in the cafeteria. A parent wishing to check out their child must do this through the front office.

· Due to privacy issues outlined in FERPA, no photos/videos with cell phones or other electronic devices or cameras are allowed in the cafeteria per GKC ( REGULATION)

· Strollers create a safety issue in a crowded cafeteria. Designated stroller parking may be established on the campus. If so, strollers are to be parked in this area during lunch.

Gifted and Talented Screening Information:

Kindergarten: GT information packets were sent home with all Kindergarten students in their take-home folders the week of September 14th. If you would like your child screened for the Elementary Challenge GT program, the Kindergarten GT Parent Checklist from the packet will be due by 4:00 pm on Wednesday, October 7th. No late checklists will be accepted.

1st-4th Grade: Information about 1st-4th Grade screening for the Katy ISD Gifted and Talented program will be sent home at the end of November due by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, December 11th.