Mrs. Grimes' Fourth Grade

March 9-13, 2015

Dates to Remember:

March 12- Old Fort Teachers visiting our classroom to see Daily 5

March 13- Digital Learning Day!

March 13- Now a full day of school

March 20- Picture Day!

March 24- Chicken Dinner

Classroom Wish List:

  • Sandwich sized bags
  • Healthy Snacks

Curriculum this Week:

Reading- In reading this week, we will continue reading informational and nonfiction books. This will be our last week in the current Strategy Groups. Next week, we will adjust the Strategy Groups to new topics that the students need to focus on.

Math- In math this week, we will be finishing up Area and Perimeter. We realized after the quiz on Friday that we needed a couple of extra days to review. We will be starting basic fractions on Thursday.
Writing- In writing this week, we will continue our Informational Books. Many students are starting to become a little stressed while working on their books. I think they now feel rushed because of the snow days. I have told them that they are fine and we will get it finished. :) Our plan is to publish their informational books into an ebook. More to come soon!

Science- In science this week, we will begin learning about energy. We will be focused on the standard: "Recognize that energy takes various forms that may be grouped based on their interaction with matter."

World Read Aloud Day- March 3rd

Our class participated in World Read Aloud Day on March 3rd. We skyped with a 4th grade class in Wilmington, NC. Our class took turns reading the picture book Major Bear At the Grove Park Inn. We choose this book so we could teach our new friends about the Grove Park Inn. Their class took turns reading T, is for Tarheel. They choose that book so they could have a focus on North Carolina.

After the read aloud, we were able to ask questions about the coast and their class asked us questions about the mountains. It was a great success!

Science- Phases of the Moon

Last week Ms. Watts taught our class about the Phases of the Earth's moon. Instead of just teaching the students about the different phases, she wanted them to experience the phases themselves. So she created a Moon Board that allowed the students to put their head through the board to see why we have different phases.

The students loved it!

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