Conference Takeaways

Ohio Educational Library Media Association Conference 2016

Embedded Instruction

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*wordle created from the Ohio Learning Standards

How can we strengthen our instruction to best prepare our students for college academic work in the 21st century?

College Faculty say that freshmen students do not:

  • Follow a research process

  • Evaluate information

  • Analyze data and statistics

A HS librarian and literacy coach shared their framework that focused on consistent and embedded research and information literacy instruction in core classes. I have some ideas on how this could work at Roosevelt and would love to discuss!

Building Better Online Readers

An article was published in the New Yorker about how students are understanding less about what they read when reading a in digital format. The author suggests that we need to practice new skills in order to engage in deep reading with digital material. Her most current study is about using digital annotating tools as a way to interact with digital media more effectively.

Some great annotating tools for digital reading are Padlet and Evernote.

Care-based Practice in the School Library

“School librarians not only provide support with academic achievement but significant pastoral care.” - Dr. Meghan Harper, Kent State University

This session encouraged me to reflect on our procedures and collection for fairness and to create opportunities for students and staff to become engaged and vested in our program.

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Let's Recap! - New Tool for Formative Assessment?

An awesome new website/app that allows teachers to ask a question and have students respond via video with their own phones or Chromebooks. Teachers can create a classroom and students can join with a class code.
Video Reflections with Recap - #ettchat

Jen Flaherty, October 2016