Central School Hour of Code

CS Media Center - Mrs. Jessica Miller

Coding in the Classroom

As many professionals in the work force know, coding is one of the most essential tools to have in the workplace today. The ability to code simple to complex algorithms is critical to the success of our future generations. On December 7th, Mrs. Miller launched Central School's Hour of Code program that ran throughout the week in the library. During the week, students were engaged in activities that introduced new vocabulary words like algorithm, program, Blockly, code, run program, and many more! These words and lessons were the foundation used to kick start our brand new coding curriculum that students will be learning after winter break! The students had a fantastic time and are really looking forward to delving deeper into this new content!

What do our students think?

I code so that I can send one message to multiple people in an instant, all at once. -Miles J.

I code because it will help me learn more about computer science. -Allison S.

I code so that I can send messages. -George A.

I code so that I can code a robot that can be my servant. - Natalie D.