Mrs. Skogstad's News

4th Grade MOSAIC

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December Precept

Our December Precept for our class focuses on perseverance. We have been discussing how we are always learning and a work in progress. We need to try hard when given a difficult task and it's okay if we don't get it right because we are still learning. We will reflect on this quote at the end of the month and add our reflection to our data binder.

Holiday Celebration

The holiday celebration will be held on the afternoon of 12/19 from 1:30-3:00. If you would like to help out with the celebration, please contact me. It will be similar to our Fall Celebration with some activities, a snack, and possibly a craft.
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iPad Check

Please check your child's iPad on occasion for games that are not related to school. These games are not beneficial academically and just take up memory space on the iPad. We are constantly adding apps for school use and are finding that we need space. You can also help by wiping down the iPad with a microfiber cloth. Remember too... you can delete games/apps on your child's iPad that are a distraction and you can take the iPad away anytime that you feel necessary.

Discovery Quests coming Week of 12/15

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